Immortals Fenyx Rising: Medusa the Imperious Boss Fight Guide



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If you have started playing this amazing action-packed title by Ubisoft, you already know how challenging the game is with all the puzzles, hard-to-reach-locations, quests, and most of all boss fights.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Medusa the Imperious Boss Fight Guide

Well, on the Judgement Day quest, you will get to experience all of these at once. It’s truly a difficult task, but at the end of the vault is probably the most difficult of them all and that is defeating Medusa the Imperious boss.

For that, you will need some pointers, and thankfully, we have provided some for you in this Medusa the Imperious boss fight guide.

Medusa the Imperious Boss Fight Guide – Immortals Fenyx Rising

Now, we before we get to the things you need to focus on in this really difficult boss fight, first let’s clear out the air for some things.

You will get the objective “acquire the essence of Athena” and that’s when you can enter the vault. The vault will be already shown on your west-side of the map.

Enter the Vault of Athena, and progress through the vault at your own pace. There will be many puzzles and objectives throughout, but at the end Medusa the Imperious will be waiting for you.

If you want to defeat this goddess, then follow this guide for Medusa the Imperious:

  1. After you solve the last puzzle, Medusa will appear. And when she does, I recommend having some patience and not full-blown attacking her. Try to dodge as much of her abilities before actually starting to attack her.
  2. I say this because is far more important to know her patterns of attacking, and just moving around here will have a lot of valuable information for you. Not to mention that you’ll need to dodge a lot when fighting her too.
  3. However, for those who don’t want to waste time, Medusa only has ranged attacks and abilities. She will teleport a lot in-between attacks.
  4. There are quite a few attacks that are really easy to dodge, so you can attack her while she’s casting these. Those include the red lasers from the air and the ball of energy that she will cast above her head.
  5. The other attacks are quite fast so keep your distance as much as possible. Make sure to do 1-2 attacks per time, or 3-5 when she’s stunned.
  6. Bring some potions, but if you forgot some you could defeat her, but it’s hard to know how much damage you will take from those ranged attacks. Some even have AOE damage.
  7. It’s really important to keep your distance, and after she teleports and casts a spell, go close to her and attack as much as possible.

That’s all you need to slay Medusa the Imperious boss, and to het the essence of Athena. Now I know that it isn’t as simple as it sounds, but this is more of a pattern-based fight, so make sure to be patient and carefully watch her attack patterns!

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