Immortals Fenyx Rising: The Path of Erebos Vault Guide


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We all know that there are a lot of challenging vaults in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Well, the Path of Erebos is no different, even though on the surface, it might seem like this one is the easiest of them all.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: The Path of Erebos Vault Guide

The Path of Erebos Vault Guide – Immortals Fenyx Rising

First off let’s start with its location, for those who haven’t yet found it. It is located in Valley of Eternal Spring, but more specifically, here:

path of erebos vault immortals fenyx rising

Once you go in, there is not much to do actually, just follow the path until you reach the first activator button. Activate it, but don’t go straight. Instead, follow these steps to get the chest:

  1. If you didn’t quite get that part, the button I was talking about is this one: path location
  2. When you are at this spot, turn around and jump to the gate of sorts. In other words, use your wings to get on top of it.
  3. Jump on the wall right of you, and then jump to the wall across where the button is.
  4. Activate the button on that wall, and a cube should spawn. Use an ability to get the object across to the platform where the chest is.
  5. Move the box on top of the activator, and then open the chest.

Once you loot the chest, it’s time to finish the vault. To do so, return to the first activator, and follow these steps to complete it:

  1. From the activator, jump to the other platform while avoiding the lasers that were activated with it.
  2. Continue in a straight path. You should notice that you are returning to the start of the dungeon, that means that you are on the right path.
  3. When you see the actual start in sight, look for a moving pillar on your left.
  4. Wait for it to come down and jump on it. When on it, go close to the right edge, as there will be lasers in the middle once it goes up.
  5. Once you get to the top, collect the last thing and complete the dungeon.

What surprised me with this dungeon is the way that it has a different play style than others. Well, I guess it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since almost every vault in this game is unique in its own way.

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