Immortals Fenyx Rising: Best Early Armor Locations


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It’s no secret that everybody wants to progress as fast as possible in games, especially RPGs.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Best Early Armor Locations

However, it’s not realistic to expect that you will get the best gear possible soon after you have begun your journey.

Nonetheless, I would like to point out that even though that might be true, you can still get some good gear for your progress or level.

That was the motivation behind this guide, in other words we wanted to show your where the best early level armor is located, the armor stats, and tips on how to get it.

Best Early Level Armor and Their Locations – Immortals Fenyx Armor

It might take me a while to explain how to get certain armor pieces because some of them are really hard to obtain.

That’s why I would like to jump straight to the points. Here are the best early armor pieces and their locations:

IMPORTANT: These are in random order, so pick which would best suit the build that you are going for.

Chimera Armor Set


chimera armor set

Enter the vault that you will see at this location. When doing the vault, close to the middle of the vault, there will be an orange beam of light close to you.

Glide to this beam of light, and there will be a chest there with this armor in it.

Stats: 21% chance to triple Stamina that is gained on hit. After upgrades, you can get 10% extra chance to get +12 to combo meter on hit!

Satyr Armor Set


Satyr armor set

You will see a huge building that will have blue crystals on the front of it, i.e. both sides of the door. You will have to find multiple buttons in the area and activate them. Some might be hard to locate.

Once you activate all of them, you can go in and collect the armor from the chest in the main room.

Stats: Continuing the stamina theme, this armor is also a stamina armor. It will refill 7% of your stamina chunk on hit. Upgraded, it will give you +2 to combo meter on hit if the stamina bar is full.

Harpy Armor Set


harpy armor set

You will find a big statue with a door behind it. You’ll have to unlock the door by switching the middle rotted lettuce with fresh one which you can find down the trail at another statue.

Then the door will be unlocked, and this armor too can be found in the chest inside.

Stats: 140% stamina regeneration while in mid-air. Also, it will give you +2 to combo meter on hit while mid-air. Goes well with different air abilities.

Nike Armor Set


nike armor set

In order to get this breatplate, you will need to find a small, and frankly bizarre looking building surrounded by pillars.

On top of it, move the big square next to the locked wall, stand on the button and throw a rock in order to push it in.

Stats: Apart from it having a good name, it has 90% health chunk refill on a killing blow, and you’ll get +4 to combo meter on killing blows.


There are some great armor sets out there that didn’t make it to this list, but this are pretty good one which will advance your gameplay in the beginnings of your journey.

Another honorable mention would be the Artemis armor set which is dedicated to my fellow bowmen out there.

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