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Tales of Arise is a game that’s filled with many trials and tribulations. Most of these challenges come in the form of bosses walking with high HP and high amounts of damage. One of the most challenging bosses in the game comes after Alphen and the gang arrive at Lenegis.

How To Kill Tormented Limbs In Tales Of Arise

The first boss that you will face off against in Lenegis is Tormented Limbs. The boss comes after a lengthy dungeon that’s filled with Renan soldiers and dangerous Zeugels. To make it worst, Tormented Limbs arrives at the end of this dungeon, and if you’re unprepared, you’ll be fighting this boss over and over again. Here are some tips to get rid of this monstrosity.

Best Party For Tormented Limbs

With around 150,000 HP, Tormented Limbs doesn’t exactly have the highest HP as compared to the other foes you’ve faced at this point. However, its low HP is supported by the fact that Tormented Limbs deals an insane amount of damage. Some of his attacks can even instantly kill your party members.

As this is the case, it’s best to bring Shionne and Dohalim to your party. Have them focus more on healing your party and reviving those that fall. The other two should be Alphen and Rimwell as they will be the main damage dealers during this fight.

Strategy For Tormented Limbs

Tormented Limbs is weak to Light and Lightning elements. In contrast, he is strong against dark elemental attacks. It would be a great idea to turn off all Artes without the Light and Lightning elements. For Alphen, he only has one Arte that deals this elemental damage, and that’s Lightning Thrust.

Alphen’s Lightning Thrust is going to be one of your best assets in the game. Aside from the fact that it deals the element that Tormented Limbs is weak to, it can easily reach the weak spot of Tormented Limbs which is located at the top of its head. As for Rimwell, make sure that she uses only Light elemental damage.

During the fight itself, Tormented Limbs deals a lot of AoE damage attacks. Most notably, there’s an attack where it spins, damaging all those nearby. Shionne and Rimwell will be well outside this attack range. Another of Tormented Limbs’ attacks that you should avoid is initiated when the boss extends its arms. This is an attack that can deal insane amounts of damage.

When you see Tormented Limbs extend its arms, make sure to summon Kisara and have her use her Boost Attack. As this is a charging attack, Tormented Limbs will be staggered upon Kisara’s Boost Attack.

Keep in mind that Tormented Limbs will begin dealing more damage once you get its HP down into its last bar. During this phase, make sure to have your healing Artes and items ready.

Tormented Limbs can be a tough fight, but this is only one of the challenges you’ll face in Tales of Arise. With this guide, it will be easier for you to surpass this challenge as well.

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