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City Reputation System is a game feature in Genshin Impact that makes interacting with NPCs and exploring a nation more meaningful to players. It was added along with major contents during the game’s 1.1 update.

How to Increase Reputation in Genshin Impact

As a traveler, you will have separate reputation levels for each city or nation, which can be increased in a bunch of ways. Doing this will unlock rewards and special features that are specific to that nation. However, you will only be able to accept Reputation-related tasks if you have completed certain Archon quests that relate to the story progress for that nation.

Completing certain tasks and game contents will also reward you with Reputation EXP. This is the main thing you need to collect in order to increase your reputation level in each city.

As of this writing there are already 3 nations in Teyvat that travelers can explore. These are Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. In the cities of these nations you can find NPCs who are assigned to attend matters involving people’s requests, bounties, and your reputation status in their city.

Archon Quests

To progress through the game’s lore and mainly unlock a nation, you are going to have to complete the Archon Quests. Doing so will also help increase your city reputation level because it will reward you with reputation EXP.

World Quests

Completing certain world quests for a nation will reward you with reputation points or experience, which will in turn increase your reputation level for that city. These quests can be obtained from NPCs and random areas all over that nation.

Please note that some World Quests will only be available to you after you completed certain Daily Commissions. Some of these commissions also need you to select a certain path or choices in order to trigger the said World Quests.

Requests and Bounties

When you talk to the NPCs who are assigned to look after your city’s reputation progress, they will also list requests and bounties from residents from all over the nation.

You can accept and complete these quests to receive rewards that include reputation EXPs.

There, however, are limits of 3 requests and 3 bounties that you can complete each week. This limit is also shared by all nations, so make sure you are doing requests and bounties for the city that you want your reputation level to increase.

World Exploration

When you open the map and zoom out, you can see your exploration progress in each region. This will let you know how much game content in that region you need to unlock or discover.

How to Increase World Exploration Progress

Increasing the exploration progress in a region involves more than just accessing the area and hunting monsters that inhabit there. Listed below are things that are counted as part of your exploration progress.

Statue of the Seven and Teleport Waypoints

These things are easily the first things you will be activating when you start your adventure and these contribute a lot to the world exploration progress.

Unlocking Domains

Domains are instance dungeons where you can collect enhancement materials or simply do a challenge and test your skills. Unlocking these will add progress to your world exploration.

Solving puzzles

Tons of puzzles can be found all over Teyvat. Some involved totems, mechanism challenges, and objects that are exclusive to a nation. Solving these will not only reward you with treasure chests but also increase your exploration progress.

Discovering Chests

Treasure chests of different rarity are scattered all around Teyvat. Some are sealed, which you need to defeat enemies or solve puzzles to open them. And some are just hidden in plain sight.

TIP: if you already have the compass for each nation, you can use these to locate the last few hidden chests in the area to reach 100% exploration progress.


Guiding Seelies to their final resting places, which are these sculptures that look like a lamp, will reveal treasure chests. These are also some of the things you need to do in order to increase your exploration progress for that area.

Floating Crates

A lot of players ignore these things but the floating crates that you see on lakes, ponds, even at sea—especially in Inazuma—actually contribute to your exploration progress. So go find and collect all of them.

Reputation Level Rewards

Leveling your city reputation will reward you with items that you cannot get anywhere else. These include NPC discounts, gadgets, and cooking recipes. Reaching the maximum city reputation level will reward you a glider designed specifically for that city.

Most players’ choices of which city reputation level to max out first are based on which glider they want to obtain. That is, of course, only possible if you have unlocked the reputation system of the city.

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