Is For the King 2 Cross-play? – Answered


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Does For the King 2 have cross-play?

Is For the King 2 Cross-play? - Answered

IronOak Games brings everything fans know and love from the original For the King game and updates it with new battle mechanics and graphics. But does For the King 2 have cross-play out of the box? Read on to find out.

Does For the King 2 have Cross-play?

For the King 2 does not have cross-play at launch, and you can only play the game with your friends offline via local co-op or online with other players on the same game distribution (Steam or Epic Games).

A screenshot of For the King 2's gameplay.
Image Credits: Mortismal Gaming

It is uncertain whether For the King 2 will get cross-play down the road since there is no mention of the addition of the feature from the devs. With that said, the original game, For the King, received cross-play two years after its initial Steam release, so there’s a good chance For the King to get cross-play between Steam and Epic Games eventually.

Will For the King 2 be available on Consoles?

For now, you can only play For the King 2 on PC via Steam. However, there’s a good chance consoles like the PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch will get their version of the game later.

The previous game, For the King, was initially available on PC via Steam but was later released on Epic Games. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch also received their version of the game eventually, so if IronOak Games plans on making the new game similar to the original, it’s very likely to make it to other platforms later on.

Final Thoughts

For the King 2 does not have cross-play right now, but expect IronOak Games to add the feature soon, much like they did with For the King. However, don’t expect to see the feature in the game too soon, as For the King only received cross-play capability a few years after its initial release. For now, you can team up with up to 4 other players in a local co-op or fight the forces of Chaos with other players online through Steam.

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