Is Immortals Fenyx Rising Multiplayer?



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Immortals Fenyx Rising is one of the newest titles from Ubisoft. A lot of burning questions are around the community for its multiplayer mode, whether it has one, and also future content.

Is Immortals Fenyx Rising Multiplayer?

The game is well made, and you would think that this RPG might work with an online feature pretty well. But does Immortals Fenyx Rising have multiplayer, or is it a solo story-based video game?

Is Immortals Fenyx Rising Multiplayer?

Sadly, Immortals Fenyx Rising is not available for multiplayer.

This might make sense for a PvP system, but I’m struggling with their reasoning on why there is no co-op story mode. Why would such a game’s potential be wasted?

We’ve seen Ubisoft do this. With games that have a lot of potential for multiplayer, being offline. Honestly, I don’t get it. Yes, I do acknowledge that there are many who enjoy storymode games, myself included.

However, when you finish the story, what then? I have never seen someone who enjoys RPGs playing it to the extent of finishing a campaign a few times.

Immortals Fenyx Rising’s Future

I’m guessing you have had enough of me bickering on Ubisoft’s part. The main question that now matters is, whether we should expect online to be added later on in development.

Frankly, I’m very optimistic about this. Not just because Ubisoft has a pattern of adding online to games in development, but just from the overall feeling you get from the game.

Now, it’s important to note that this is just pure speculation, but it feels like a no-brainer. If by some reason they decide that multiplayer is not the way to go, then that will be the most detrimental decision for this game.

However, who knows what goes on in the Ubisoft HQ. This game does seem to be getting a ton of traction since its release, and the more and more players who find out that there are no multiplayer capabilities, the more get discouraged about playing the game.

So, Ubisoft, if you are reading this, it’s time to give the people what they want. Work your magic and give us either a co-op multiplayer story, or PvP.

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