Is The Walking Dead Onslaught Coming To PS4 and Xbox One



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The Walking Dead Onslaught is probably the most anticipated VR game this year. For the fans of The Walking Dead series, but also the regular players.

Is The Walking Dead Onslaught Coming To PS4 and Xbox One

It engages all your senses by putting you in an apocalyptic world full of undead zombies. You will have to be unbelievably focused on surviving this harsh environment.

But, being such a good VR game, will it satisfy all the players and come to more platforms?

Continue reading because we answer whether The Walking Dead Onslaught comes to PS4 and Xbox One.

Is The Walking Dead Onslaught Available for PS4 and Xbox One

We know that there are some pretty exceptional VR games for PC and PS4. But what about the Xbox One? Well, to this day, the Xbox One has no support for VR.

Thus, this game is only available on the PS4, PC, and the Oculus Rift. It has no support on the Xbox One.

We have seen in the past how Xbox players have forthrightly expressed their desire for VR. Still, FLEX, the manufacturer of Xbox, has stood firmly on the grounds that they won’t implement it on these systems.

Maybe we can expect the future Xbox consoles to support VR. Nevertheless, if you want to get this game for PC and PS4, you can easily do so.

Besides, if you want to play this game using the Oculus VR, you can. Probably, Survios, The Walking Dead Onslaught developers didn’t have a problem bringing this game to their Xbox players.

However, the no VR support issue has stopped them. Since they have brought it to PS4, it would have been easy to transition the game to Xbox as well.

The most popular VR choice out there is Sony’s Playstation VR platform. You can get a pretty inexpensive VR system that runs on the PS VR platform.

Many Xbox players have separate VR sets that run on the PS, but not all do. It’s unfortunate because this game and this concept are entirely made for VR.

Also, you can’t play this game generally with a controller, which might have made it possible for this game to come to Xbox and not have VR compatibilities. It still wouldn’t be the best scenario, but it would have mitigated some of the damage.

The Walking Dead Onslaught was set to be a co-op experience making the players work together to survive the apocalypse. Nevertheless, Survios stated that this wouldn’t be possible since the game must be experienced through a single-player lens.

The developers are putting a lot of emphasis on the storyline, so this game would be a lot better than we initially expected. What was expected was an arcade-style survival slash shooter game with much less focus on the story.

Lastly, you can choose your favorite character to “adventure” this harsh world. All in all, there are five characters you can choose from.

Also, there are many weapon choices and exciting ways to slaughter zombies. To all PC and PS4 players, good luck and have fun!

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