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In Hades, you can upgrade your weapons to perform to the best of their ability. A common misconception is that you can upgrade your weapons whenever you want. This is untrue.

Hades: Upgrading Weapon - How to Upgrade Weapon

The game will keep prompting you to upgrade your weapons, but there is no straightforward guide on how to do it. Furthermore, you would have to finish the game to start upgrading weapons. So, how to upgrade weapons in Hades?

How to Upgrade Weapons in Hades

Like we said above, you can only start upgrading your weapons only when you beat the final boss who is Hades.

Then, the aspect system will be unlocked, and you can use the Titan Blood to make your weapons sharper. Each weapon has four aspects, and three of them are regular while the last one is hidden.

To upgrade your weapon, you will have to invest Titan’s Blood into the weaponry of your choosing. If you are a sword player, then invest Titan Blood to swords, the aspects will be unlocked.

Different amounts of Titan Blood will be needed. Usually, for the first aspect, you can expect to invest five Titan Blood, while for the latter, an average of 15-16.

To fully upgrade a weapon, you would need at least 40-50 Titan’s Blood. If you don’t know how to farm Titan Blood, you should learn more about it. It can be quite tricky, but that was the developer’s plan all along.

There are six weapons in Hades. There are swords, spears, bows, fists, guns, and shields. Each aspect of every individual weapon has different kinds of perks and bonuses. All in all, there are 24 unlockable aspects in Hades.

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