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Hazelight Studios have once again outdone themselves. A Way Out was a game that proved that co-op story gameplay was still a thing. Their all new It Takes Two game works on the similar structure, and it requires two players in order to play the game. The game beautifully combines beautiful exploration and minigames together. Part of that exploration will lead you to find many easter eggs.

It Takes Two: A Way Out Easter Egg

One of the easter eggs will feature Leo and Vincent, which were the main characters in the prison escape game, which was the predecessor to It Takes Two.

A Way Out Easter Egg

Even if you aren’t one for easter eggs, the game urges you to explore, and everything seems quite interesting when you’re shrunk. For those that don’t know, *spoiler-alert*, you play a shrunken version of the main two characters in the story.

You fight squirrels, play minigames on a console, shoot cannons, and much more. The point is that even easter eggs will look interesting when you play in this vast world.

Since it is quite difficult navigating this world, we will divide finding the “A Way Out” easter eggs into multiple parts.

After Treehouse

After fighting off the squirelles at the Treehouse, the players will make their way to Rose’s bedroom. Here, they will start in a, what seems to be, a pillow fort, they will need to battle it out to reach their daughter.

Tank Busters

Soon enough, players will find themselves near the Tank Busters minigame. From there, start following the power cords until you reach a hallway made out of pillows.

Players will have to focus on the right-side, where there will be a climbing part, and then they can jump to the other side.

When the players are there, they will have to jump across the other small gap, to get to the entrance to where Leo and Vincent figures are located.

One of the players will go on and say that this is his favorite game. The action figures can also be activated with the buttons in front of them. However, players need to jump on both buttons simultaneously.

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