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The tutorial in Apex Legends is barebones to say the least. In many ways that’s a good thing. It covers the very basics and gets you out into a match in the shortest time possible and lets you figure stuff out yourself. The danger is that you could miss a trick or two, like how to kick down doors in Apex Legends. I didn’t figure this out for about two weeks so wrote this so you didn’t have to wait that long.

How To Kick Down Doors in Apex Legends

There is no option for explosive entry into a building in Apex Legends and with the habit of some players to sit in the middle of the ring and hide in buildings with a shotgun pointing at the door, that can be a disadvantage. I try not to use the front door of any building wherever possible but sometimes you don’t have a choice.

When that happens, a good kick is what you need. The door opens and you’re already in the firing position and can quickly skip sideways with your gun pointing forwards. While it won’t save you from a good ambush, it will save you from a multitude of bad ones.

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Kick down doors in Apex Legends

There is something intensely satisfying about kicking down a door to make a fast entry into a building. We can’t do it at home or at work so at least we can do it in game. Here’s how.

  1. Point your character at the door from a slight distance.
  2. Run at the door and hit melee just before you hit it.

Your character should perform a flying kick through the door and into the room. This is a great way to enter a room if you suspect someone is lying in wait. It won’t save you from the good players but it could save you from everyone else.

If the door is being blocked from the other side, this technique won’t work but in all other situations it’s a blast. Talking of blast, a grenade will soon open the door if a player is blocking it…

You can also stand in front of the door and melee it open if you like but you don’t get the method or speed of entry to avoid traps or ambush. It looks cool though!

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Other tricks the Apex Legends missed

There are a bunch of other tricks to playing Apex Legends that aren’t covered in the tutorial. Many of them are common in shooters or battle royale but some are unique to Apex Legends.

Squad chatter tells you a lot

Squad chatter is an awesome part of Apex Legends and helps fill the silence. It can also give you a clue as to what’s going on. Play Wraith and she will tell you when other players are around. All of the characters will give hints about what’s in an area, where you are respective to the ring and whether your team is drifting too far apart when looting.

You can use the tutorial for weapons practice

Want to git gud with a new weapon type? Use the tutorial. You will still need to go through the initial instructions but once done, you can mess about in the tutorial area as much as you like. All guns are present and playable so if you want to learn a new weapon type without getting killed, that’s the place to do it.

Leave Ultimate Accelerators to Lifeline

Ultimate Accelerators are useful to all characters but benefit Lifeline the most. It allows her to shorten the cooldown to Care Packages with high tier loot for the team and can make a real difference to your loadout. That’s especially true if you cannot find any blue or purple gear in matches.

Look for the robot

The small Apex Legends robot you see in Apex Crates for the game occasionally appears in matches too. If you see it, don’t ignore it but shoot it. It can contain high tier loot, often purples and occasionally gold. They tend to lurk in dark corners or under stairwells so keep an eye out.

All characters move at the same speed

It may seem like Gibraltar has the speed of an iceberg sometimes but he actually moves at the same rate as everyone else. His movements have been tuned to seem slow and cumbersome but when he runs, he runs at the same speed as all other characters. It’s all in the animation, the same as Wraith seems fast and Bangalore seems steady.

Knowing how to kick down doors in Apex Legends can save you from ambush or Caustic’s annoying traps. The tutorial doesn’t cover it but I have so use it well and enjoy!

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