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There are a lot of builds you can do in the Kingdom Of Amalur. But the most versatile builds are usually Sorcery. This is because there are a ton of spell options, gear options, and skill options in Sorcery.

Kingdom Of Amalur Re-Reckoning Sorcery Builds Guide

You can do hybrid builds where you do ranged and melee, and you can go either melee or ranged separately if you want. Even with tier five bonuses, you can get a lot of potential out of Sorcery. When doing Sorcery builds, it can be a little intimidating from so many choices, so we created the Sorcery builds guide below.

Sorcery Builds Guide Kingdom Of Amalur Re-Reckoning

Most importantly, when you do Sorcery, you need to decide whether you are a melee fan or an elemental fan. Sorcery destinies usually focus more on elemental damage rather than melee capabilities.

However, this can be turned around if you use Might/Sorcery or Might/Fin./Sorc. This is because these destinies emphasize critical damage, armor, melee, and ranged damage.

Best Sorcery Builds

Pure Sorcery (Ranged)

If you enjoy spells and the elemental aspect of the game, this build heavily revolves around spell-casting.

You want to choose the Archmage destiny in the Sorcery tab. You get a lot of things with this, such as:

  • +50% Elemental Damage
  • +25% Mana Cost Reduction
  • +3 Mana Regen Per Second
  • +25% Duration On Duration-Based Spells
  • Ice Blink 3 – Teleport
  • Echoes of Fate – Chance To Spawn Ally Mobs

Even if you fall to tier five destiny of Sorcery, which is Sorcerer, the bonuses are similar, and only the final bonus will be unavailable. Weapon-wise, you can do weapons with Fire/Frost/Lightning bonuses, and you can focus heavily on a particular one.

Melee Might/Sorcery Build

⦁ With this build, you can expect to be much more tanky, rather than the Sorcery destinies. Technically, you can do Sorcery destinies even for melee because characters are pretty firm on average in this game immensely, if you are putting decent points into the warrior.

So, if you don’t like a tank build, you can easily go melee with classic Sorcery. But, the kicker is that you can pretty much become immortal with this build if you do it right.

That’s why it is such a strong contender. You will need to focus on the Champion destiny. You will get:

  • 75% Of Damage Received as Mana
  • +25% Elemental Resistance
  • +20% Melee Attack Damage
  • +15% Total Armor
  • Blink
  • Harmonic Overload – Elemental Projections

It’s up to you if you want to play riskier and use regular Sorcery destinies or become a rock with Might/Sorcery build.

Hybrid Finesse/Sorcery Build (Ranged/Melee)

What’s great about this build is that it revolves around critical hits. In theory, if you want to use bows or become a melee character, you can freely do so.

The build is heavily dependent on critical hits, so you might want to focus on increasing critical chance as much as possible.

build kingdom of amalur

For this build, you need to get the Shadowcaster destiny, and with it, you get the following perks:

  • +34% Elemental Damage
  • +20% Piercing Damage
  • +12% Critical Hit Chance
  • +2 Mana Per Second
  • 100% to Critical Hit to Mobs in Panic
  • Blink
  • Critical Hits Restore Mana

Now, even though 100% crit chance to enemies in panic is very impressive, it does not happen as often players think. However, if you get the right gear and increase your Critical Chance, this build is unbelievably good.

Whether you like ranged or melee or both, it is your choice with this build.

Sorcery build, as we have seen have a lot of options. Thus, you can tune your builds to the playstyle you want. Also, you have a variety of options when it comes to weapons, daggers, spears, staffs, and more can efficiently work with Sorcery builds. Good luck, sorcerer!

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