Elle Fanning Playing a ‘Central’ Role in Death Stranding 2



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When Hideo Kojima first announced a collaboration with Elle Fanning, a lot of fans were wondering what game they could be working on. Fast forward to The Game Awards 2022, and it was confirmed that Fanning would be in Death Stranding 2.

Elle Fanning Playing a 'Central' Role in Death Stranding 2

Though a lot of fans think that Norman Reedus would be returning as the protagonist Sam Bridges in the sequel, we could have someone else leading the game this time. In a recent episode of Brain Structure (via 80.lv), Kojima’s podcast, it was confirmed by Geoff Keighly that Fanning will be playing a central role in the Death Stranding sequel. It’s also said that the story was written specifically for Fanning’s character, really emphasizing the point on how important her character will be.

With the Death Stranding 2 announcement giving us a look at familiar characters like Fragile (Lea Seydoux) and Sam, it could be easy to assume that they would be the central characters of the narrative. Then again, maybe Kojima wants to pull a Last of Us Part II on the players and have someone like Fanning’s character be the new focus point, with Sam becoming the side character.

With video game sequels usually adhering to some kind of formula, we should expect someone like Kojima to try and shake things up with his franchises. We don’t know when Death Stranding 2 is going to come out yet, but it would be great if we could get some kind of update soon.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Fanning, and I can’t wait to watch her collaborate with an auteur like Kojima.

No release date has been announced for Death Stranding 2.

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