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While League Of Legends Wild Rift didn’t appeal to most veterans or PC players, there is no doubt that Wild Rift made some splashes in the mobile gaming world. However, it does have its fair share of issues and bugs. One of them being, error 10034. This error is usually a connection issue, but it can be caused by other factors as well. Let’s get into how to fix it.

League Of Legends Wild Rift | Fix Error Code 10034

Fix Error Code 10034 – League Of Legends Wild Rift

This error can be caused by multiple things. It is not just the game’s inability to communicate with the server that can cause it, but instead, any of the following issues:

  • Using a VPN;
  • If you’re not located in any of the regions that the game is made available to;
  • Poor connection;
  • Corrupted install.

The reason why using a VPN triggers this error code is because that Riot implemented a safety feature to disallow VPN users from accessing the game. Because the game is available in a few regions only, players tried to get in on the action by using a VPN and masking their location.

So, unfortunately, at the moment, players cannot play Wild Rift with any kind of VPN service, which sounds bizarre. Mainly because VPNs are made for encryption and safety purposes, but it seems like Riot had quite a big issue with players misusing them to access the game.

The second reason is, of course, if you’re located in a region where the game isn’t available yet, then the news is grim. Until the game is made publicly available to your region, you’ll keep getting the same error, and won’t be able to play Wild Rift.

Players will also need to have a stable and reliable connection to play the actual game. Error 10034 can be caused by a simple poor connection, so ensure that you have a good connection.

Things that players can do include: restarting their router, switching to a Wi-Fi connection for those using a mobile connection, restarting your phone, etc.

If all of the fixes from above failed, then it might be time to try a simple reinstall. There’s little evidence that this might actually fix the problem, but it is worth the shot.

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