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Even though the Legend of Zelda – Breath of The Wild is so difficult with its unique style in questing and puzzles, nothing comes close to how difficult it is to perform a Thunder Clap Rush.

Legend of Zelda – Breath of The Wild: How to Do Thunder Clap Rush

This move is so powerful, that your enemies will tremble in fear! To do it though requires a lot of patience and repetition, since there are a lot of stuff that need to be done correctly for it to work.

Nonetheless, if you’ve set your eyes on becoming a great Zelda player, then you must master this technique. Worry not, we will show you exactly how to perform the Thunder Clap Rush.

How to Do the Thunder Clap Rush – Breath of The Wild

The Thunder Clap Rush is more of a mechanical skill, hence why so many struggle to execute it. There are many moves that you will need to do accordingly in order to be able to perform it.

Before we get into the method of executing this move, it is really important that you have a few things. Those include a shield, any weapon, and a bow. All of these are required to do the move.

First things first, in order for all of this to work, there must be some sort of high-ground around the area in which you’re fighting in. Make sure that you can climb on it. Also, it doesn’t have to be really high, it can be a regular small rock.

On top of that, you will need to block an attack from your enemy using a shield. With those two criteria filled, here is how to execute the Thunder Clap Rush:

NOTE: Make sure to block your enemy each time you try to execute the move. Between blocks, you will have up to 5-6 seconds to execute the move.

  1. Climb on the elevated surface (rock, tree stumps, bench, etc.).
  2. Hold your shield up, but not your melee weapon!
  3. Jump in any direction with your shield up.
  4. While mid-air, enter in bullet time and pull out your melee weapon at the same time! The inputs, by default, should be: ZL + ZR + Y in mid-air.
  5. When you successfully do this, spam Y against your enemy!

Like I said, it is a hard move to do, but repetition and a bit of dedication is required to master it. It may sound overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it, it is relatively straightforward.

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