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Monster Sanctuary is a game, which will test your patience, your teambuilding, and your combat skills. It is a phenomenal game that will urge you to work as hard as you can. Many might’ve heard about getting 5 stars against Champion Monsters, and how difficult it is to make that a reality. But why would players want to get five stars against regular Monsters and Champion Monsters?

Monster Sanctuary: How to Get 5-Star Rating

Well, if you get a 5-star rating when you encounter one of the above, you will have a chance of receiving an egg that has that corresponding monster. Many struggle to get five-star rating, so we thought it would appropriate to give you some tips!

How to Get 5-Star Rating – Monster Sanctuary

There are a couple of things that contribute to the best strategy of getting this rating. The main objective first, is to create a team that can take on anything!

After that, we will give you some pointers on what you need to do to be eligible to get a 5-star rating. Worry not if you don’t get it on the first encounter, since you can fight the monsters again in the Keepers Towers.

Single Target Team – 5-Star Squad

This team will consist of the few, that I think are best in order to take down Champion Monsters. Their build is important too, so that will be covered as well. Here’s the team:

  • Mad-Eye
  • Vasuki
  • Specter

Mad-Eye (Dark)


  • Scepter +5 – +80 Mana & +18 Mana Regeneration
  • Needle +5 – +60 Attack, +60 Magic, & +70 Mana
  • Shield Generator +5 – +90 Mana & Will shield you for maximum mana every turn.
  • Cauldron +5 – +25 Magic, +50 Mana & Debuffs will be at lest 10% stronger against your enemies.


Vasuki (Light)


  • Hexing Rod +5 – Buffs, Shielding, and Healing will apply a random Debuff to a random enemy.
  • Omni Ring +5 – +380 Health, +50 Mana, +5% Crit Chance, +10% Crit Damage & +18 Mana Regeneration
  • Charging Sphere +5 – +600 Health, +25 Mana Regeneration & You will get two charge stacks each turn (at start).
  • Ribbon +5 – +750 Health & +70 Mana


Specter (Dark)


  • Staff +5 – +12% Crit Chance
  • Cape +5 – +10% Crit Chance & +20% Crit Damage
  • Frozen Tear +5 – +600 Health, +60 Mana & 15% Crit Damage
  • Thermal Reactor +5 – +7% Crit Chance, +15% Crit Damage & Each of your attacks will have a 5% chance to apply burning or chill debuff.


A few things that you should look for when you want to get a five-star rating is your health, you killing blow, and basic success in the fight.

Make sure to keep your health up as much as possible, and if you can, make sure that you’re full health when you make your killing blow.

The killing blow should be overdone, meaning make sure to throw your strongest attack when the monster is low. A great strategy is to make the monster as low as possible before throwing a powerful attack.

During the fight, make sure that you heal regularly, so you don’t have to panic at the end.

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