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The Myahm Agana Shrine, or the Myahm Agana Apparatus, is one of the many shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This shrine requires Link to traverse the shrine by solving a puzzle that involves manipulating your Nintendo Switch’s rotation or controller. This is a very easy shrine to complete, and in this guide, you will learn how to complete the Myahm Agana Shrine and obtain the chest.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Myahm Agana Shrine Guide

Link will be rewarded with Spirit Orbs for completing Shrines. The Spirit Orbs obtained can be exchanged for more Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels. As there are 120 Shrines all over Hyrule, Link will get a total of 120 Spirit Orbs. You get to decide whether you want Link to have more Hearts or more Stamina.


The Myahm Agana Shrine is located in Hateno Village, just behind the General Store and near the Bolson Construction model homes (northeast of Firly Pond). Hateno Village is located in the southeast of Hyrule in the Hateno Tower region. Additionally, the Myahm Agana Shrine is one of seven shrines in the Hateno Tower Region.

Myahm Agana Apparatus

Upon entering the shrine, you will see the altar just ahead of Link, but its entrance is still closed. On the right is a flight of stairs. To complete this shrine, this is what Link must do:

  1. Go up the flight of stairs, on the right you will see a glowing machine Link can interact with.
  2. Interact with the glowing machine and you will gain control of the floating labyrinth just ahead with a glowing orb in the middle of it. This labyrinth is controlled by tilting and rotating your Nintendo Switch or controller. The goal of this puzzle is to free the glowing orb from the labyrinth, into the ramp on the left, and into the glowing orb socket at the bottom of the ramp.
  3. There are two ways to solve this puzzle: how the game wants you to finish which is to slowly and carefully move the glowing orb through the path provided by the maze, or you can rotate your Nintendo Switch or controller up to roll the glowing ball up the wall then, once it is up the wall, rotate the labyrinth back to its original state. This causes the glowing orb to be on the path that leads straight to the ramp. This method, however, obstructs your view of the glowing orb so it is okay if you do not get it right the first time and do not worry if you accidentally let the glowing orb fall out of the labyrinth as another one will drop down on the starting point of the labyrinth.
  4. Once the glowing orb is on the straight path that leads to the ramp, let it roll to the exit of the labyrinth. Then, once the glowing orb is near the edge, quickly tilt the labyrinth a little bit to the right to “throw” the glowing orb to the ramp so the glowing orb does not fall on the ramp.
  5. Once it is on the ramp, the glowing orb will roll down to the glowing socket. Once it is in, the entrance to the altar will be opened.
  6. Before proceeding to the altar, interact with the glowing machine again and tilt the labyrinth a little bit with the bottom side slightly lowered. Then, from the platform with the glowing machine, jump and glide towards one of the openings of the labyrinth.
  7. Upon landing on the labyrinth, make your way towards the chest on the upper left part of the labyrinth. Open the chest to obtain a Phrenic Bow.
  8. After that, make your way to the exit of the labyrinth (the path that was used to throw the glowing orb out of the labyrinth), then jump and glide towards the ramp to the glowing orb socket.
  9. Finally, head down the rump and towards the altar, talk to the monk, and claim your Spirit Orb.

The Myahm Agana Shrine or the Myahm Agana Apparatus is one of seven shrines in the Hateno Tower region.

The other shrines are the Kam Urog Shrine or the Trial of Passage, the Dow Na’eh Shrine or the Three Boxes, the Jitan Sa’mi Shrine or Jitan Sa’mi’s Blessing, the Mezza Lo Shrine or the Ancient Trifecta, the Tahno O’ah Shrine or Tahno O’ah’s Blessing, and the Chaas Qeta Shrine or A Major Test of Strength.

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