VALORANT: The Best Team Composition For Fracture


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VALORANT’S newest map, Fracture, has only been out for a few months now. It simply does not have enough mileage on it to make a definitive Team Composition around the map.

VALORANT: The Best Team Composition For Fracture

VALORANT maps might differ in their overall look and layout, but some maps are pretty similar in entry points and chokepoints. We can extrapolate gameplay strategies from other maps in VALORANT and apply them here on Fracture.

The lack of a tried and tested meta is not yet available to us right now, but this did not stop us from throwing out a theoretical Team Composition for Fracture.

The Best Team Composition For Fracture: Raze, Sage, Skye, Viper, Killjoy


Raze might seem counterintuitive in a map such as Fracture due to how relatively tight and narrow the lanes are around the map. However, narrow maps are where Raze’s Boom Bot and Paint Shells can deal insane amounts of burst damage.

While she cannot fly around the bombsites in Fracture as freely as on some other maps, she can still use her Ultimate ability to devastating effect because of how small the bombsites are in Fracture.


Sage is another good pick for Fracture, thanks to her Wall Orb. On Defense, Sage can block off rotational lanes towards the bomb site on post-plant. Sage can also effectively block off entry points and stall enemy team pushes on Defense with her Wall + Slow Orb combo.

Her Healing Orb and Resurrection abilities are also indispensable pieces of utility that can give you and your team another shot at winning the round.


Skye is the preferred Initiator on Fracture due to the many corners and tight spaces that need to be cleared out. Her Trailblazer and Flash abilities are more powerful the smaller a map becomes.

Skye’s Dog can quickly clear corners and cubbies around the bombsites’ entrances. Skye can easily take on the site entry role or even entry-fragger, thanks to her powerful pop-flash ability. Her healing ability is also an excellent complement to Sage’s Healing Orb to further bolster your team’s survivability.

Overall, Skye will most likely be the Initiator to pick on Fracture. Sova has, without a doubt, the better recon skill set. However, like Split, Sova’s most powerful recon tool, Recon Bolt, will not be as valuable on Fracture due to its halls and bombsites’ tight and narrow nature.


Viper is an excellent pick on just about any map in VALORANT right now. She has excellent control of space thanks to her Toxic Screen, and her post-plant prowess is second to almost none with the help of her Poison Cloud/Snake Bite/Ultimate combo.

Because of how small the bomb sites are on Fracture, Viper can easily cover entire bombsites with her ultimate ability and further deny retakes and rotations thanks to her Toxic Screen. She can also play the semi-Sentinel role by stalling pushes, and rushes with her molly ability.

Overall, Viper, once again, looks to be a great pick in Fracture. Her crowd control abilities are just too powerful right now, and her Toxic Screen is a free ticket to just about any bombsite when placed correctly.


Killjoy is one of three Sentinels who can effectively play an active role on-site while flank-watch simultaneously. Fracture is a first-minute flank map because of the ziplines that allow players to attack both entryways of either map effectively.

While on flank watch duty, Killjoy’s Alarm Bot and Turret can easily spot and alert your team of enemy team players lurking around your backs. Killjoy can also set up her standard double Nanoswarm Grenade traps to catch lurking enemy team players off guard.

Lockdown might easily be your get-in-free pass to any bombsite. Killjoy’s Lockdown can effectively cover 90% of any bombsite on Fracture because of how small they are. Killjoy can set up Nanoswarm Grenades post-plant to deny defusers and secure the bomb plant for her team.

Team Fracture

It might take a little longer before Fracture has its map-defining meta. Here are the Agents that might make the most sense when playing on Fracture.

Fracture looks like it will be a lurk-heavy map because of its double-entry layout. With that in mind, the Agents on this list have top-notch defense in Killjoy, Sage, and Viper and good offense in Raze and Skye.

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