How to Get Into the Dorm in Life Is Strange


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If you had the power to rewind time, life would surely be a wild ride. Life Is Strange begins with this premise and focuses on Max Caulfield, who discovers her powers. Through her adventures, she has to enter the girls’ dormitory.

How to Get Into the Dorm in Life Is Strange

However, you can’t make Max waltz in right away, as the game prevents this from happening. Instead, there are some steps to take before you can enter the dorm. Before you deem the Dorm off-limits, check out our guide below to learn the requirements of entering this structure.

Before Heading Into the Dorm

The Prescott Dormitory has both boys’ and girls’ dormitories, and your goal is to enter the latter. Before that’s possible, you’ll be at the point of learning you can rewind time on the fly. This mechanic is crucial to the game, and several events involving it will help you master doing so.

When you eventually speak to the principal after rewinding time to save a girl from dying, you can finally leave school. You can talk to people after class, but they’re all optional and don’t affect entering the girls’ dorm.

How to Enter the Dorm

The dorm’s front is currently under some maintenance, and sadly, Victoria Chase, Taylor Christiansen, and Courtney are blocking your way. Victoria will make fun of Max and take a photo of the latter. Thus, Max concludes that she has to do something before the girls move.

Here’s what happens:

  1. There’s a paint bucket that you have to tamper with beside the girls.
    1 13
  2. To do so, climb up the ladder and place it where it will fall on the girls.
    2 10
  3. Next, head down the path and reach the maintenance room.
    3 11
  4. Inside, you find out it’s possible to turn the sprinklers on.
    4 10
  5. Turn the sprinklers on, making the girls panic.
    5 7
  6. As they stand up, the paint will fall on them, making them leave.
    6 7
  7. Talk to Victoria.
    7 5

At any point, while entering the dorm, you can rewind time if you make mistakes or take too long. For example, you only have 15 seconds to tamper with the paint and turn the sprinklers on.

8 5

If you only turn the sprinklers on, the girls will stand up but not leave. Talking to Victoria after this won’t make her budge either.

Doing nothing and attempting to speak to Victoria doesn’t achieve anything either.

When you speak to Victoria, you’ll be presented with two choices. As with many decisions in the game, they all matter and affect the outcome. Regardless of your choice, you’re now free to enter your room.

9 6

If you comfort Victoria, there’s an extended cinematic scene. However, mocking her will make the cutscene short. If you’re pressed for time, go with the second choice.

10 4

Let Me In

Max is an inquisitive but alert girl, and her ability to rewind time lets her get away with things. In this situation, she successfully makes things swing in her favor. When you play this game, you’ll have to learn clever tactics to get things to go your way.

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