How to Complete Dusa’s Favor in Hades


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In Supergiant Games’ Hades, Zagreus can build relationships with other characters. This can be done by giving them Nectar. Then, after giving them enough Nectar (usually about five to six), Zagreus would need to do them a favor to continue strengthening their relationship.

How to Complete Dusa’s Favor in Hades

Dusa, the shy custodian of the House of Hades, is one of the characters in the game Zagreus can build a relationship with. Dusa always gets starstruck when she sees the Prince of the Underworld, and especially when he gives her Nectar. Then, after a while, she will ask Zagreus for a favor. In this guide, you’ll learn how to complete Dusa’s favor.

A Place of Revelry

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As mentioned above, Zagreus would have to give Dusa enough Nectar to unlock a side quest before increasing your affinity with her even more. You can know this through, after giving her five Nectar, a heart with a keyhole will appear on her Affinity Gauge (which you can find in the Codex just below her name). This means that, as mentioned, you cannot give her more Nectar and must complete a side quest to increase your affinity with her. Then, you will unlock a cutscene wherein she will mention that she has fallen behind on her task of renovating the Lounge, especially with the House Contractor declining her requests. Then, Zagreus will offer his help on the Lounge renovations. After this, you will unlock Dusa’s favor which you can find in the Fated List of Minor Prophecies as A Place of Revelry.

The Fated List of Minor Prophecies states that in order to fulfill the prophecy, Zagreus must employ the House Contractor to help renovate the Lounge. To complete the prophecy/Dusa’s favor, Zagreus must purchase 12 renovations from the House Contractor. You can buy whatever renovation you want for the Lounge but there are three required renovations you have to purchase, along with other decorative renovations, to complete the prophecy/favor: Zagreus must purchase Service, Detailing to repair and clean Cerberus’ claw marks on the floor and walls of the Lounge, Service, Deep Cleaning to clean Cerberus’ fur, and at least one rug for the Lounge.

Completing this prophecy/Dusa’s favor would need a hefty amount of Gems to purchase the renovations. You can collect Gems by going on Underworld escape attempts and collecting Gem chamber rewards, Infernal Troves, Boons that help collect Gems like Sunken Treasure, Ocean’s Bounty, and Eclipse boon, purchasing Gems from Charon’s Shop, purchasing Gaea’s Treasure from the Well of Charon, fishing in Tartarus and Temple of Styx, and completing other prophecies in the Fated List of Minor Prophecies. You can also purchase Vanquisher’s Keep from the House Contractor so that you can also obtain Gems after defeating each boss on your Underworld escape attempts. Vanquisher’s Keep can be purchased for four Diamonds.

The only challenge to complete this prophecy/Dusa’s favor is the farming of the Gems to use for the purchases from the House Contractor. So, just keep doing your Underworld escape attempts, and if there’s an opportunity for anything mentioned above to get more Gems, definitely take them!

After purchasing the required along with other renovations you want for the Lounge, try to find Dusa in the House of Hades and talk to her to complete the favor. Then, after that, you can finally give her Ambrosia to further strengthen your affinity with her! Not only that, but she’ll also give you Companion Fidi!

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