Loba could be the newest Legend for Apex Legends Mobile


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Apex Legends fans could be getting a new Legend very soon.

Loba could be the newest Legend for Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends on PC and Console is already a global commercial success, so it was no surprise when the mobile version of the most popular Battle Royale game generated close to $5 Million in in-game purchases just seven days after its release.

So now, Apex Legends Mobile is upping the ante, and what better way to celebrate a milestone than with a new Legend release.

Diamonds in Snow Event

If you play Apex Legends Mobile daily, you have probably seen or heard of the Diamond in Snow event in-game.

The event encourages players to pick up Diamond Pieces from the Vault in World’s Edge. To do this, players must take down a specific type of Cargo-Bot that holds the Vault Key. Hint: Cargo Bots that are flashing red hold the Vault Key.

Aside from taking down those flashing red Cargo Bots, players can sometimes acquire a Vault Key randomly from looting. But the chances of acquiring a Vault Key from normal loot are pretty low, so going to the flashing red Cargo Bots will be your best bet.

With a Vault Key in hand, players can go to the Vault at World’s Edge and acquire a Diamond Piece. Players can come back and collect Diamon Pieces once a day.

What these Diamond Pieces are for is currently up in the air. However, the event might be a teaser for an upcoming Support Legend – Loba.

Loba Andrade

If Apex Legends Mobile is your maiden voyage into the world of Apex Legends, then you probably will not have any idea who Loba or any of the other Legends are in Apex Legends.

Simply put, Loba is a Support Legend whose skillset revolves around looting. Her Passive Ability alone is an invaluable utility to have on the team as it allows Loba to see high-quality loot through walls and loot boxes.

Loba can make looting very easy for her team, and in a game where looting can substantially affect how your team performs against other squads, Loba can make sure your team will not waste any time getting locked and loaded.

Eyes on the Prize

Fans have been linking the Diamonds in Snow event as a teaser for the release of Loba for Apex Legends Mobile. This is not purely speculation, though, as the Loot Master has previously been seen in the Apex Legends Mobile teaser trailer but was nowhere to be seen in the official release version of the game.

Without an official announcement from Respawn Entertainment, we can never know when this new Legend for Apex Legends Mobile will be released. Just keep collecting those Diamond Pieces from the Vault at World’s Edge daily.

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