Loop Hero Potions: How to Use Potions



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Loop Hero might not appear as anything special on the surface, but this game is hiding more then it portrays.

Loop Hero Potions: How to Use Potions

This small indie title was released not that long ago, and it has impressed many players. Their player-base is slowly growing, which might be due to the “hero” part. In Loop Hero you will be saving a lot of people, but this will require you to keep your health up.

In order to survive certain enemies in the game, one must resort to potions. Thankfully, getting them is not that difficult.

How to Use Potions – Loop Hero Potions

What is surprising is the fact that in Loop Hero, the process of healing up with potions is automatic. Meaning, players would not be required to manually “pop” potions mid-combat.

Instead, the game will automatically heal you if you have access to the potions needed. This is great since it leaves much more breathing room to focus on the enemy, and not your own health.

In order to start using potions in Loop Hero, players must build the Herbalist’s Hut. However, even though it is one of the first building that players will construct in this game, it takes quite a number of loops to gather the resources needed.

To get the resources, players must drop down cards after the battles in the loops. Here are the resources required to build an Herbalist’s Hut:

  • 4 Food Supplies
  • 2 Preserved Wood
  • 3 Preserved Stone

Getting these resources might be a tad bit complex for players not accustomed to the Loop Hero mechanics. To get food supplies, players must have 12 rations, which they can get from placing Meadow cards.

As for preserved stone, players need to use the Mountain or Rock cards to get preserved pebbles, and 10 of those will get you a preserved stone.

Lastly, in order to complete the Herbalist’s Hut, players must place down Grottos to get stable branch, and 12 stable branches will get you preserved wood.

So, even though on paper the Herbalist’s Hut is one of the first buildings players create, it is by no means an easy task. Remember, after building the Hut, the potions will get used automatically when you’re at low health.

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