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In the Mafia Definitive Edition, you can get amazingly unique vehicles from all sorts of places. You can get some of them via secret missions, or you can find them in hidden locations.

Mafia Definitive Edition - All Hidden Car Locations

You can get exceptional vehicles in both ways, but today we will focus on all the hidden car locations. The ones from side missions are pretty straightforward. However, the hidden ones need to be uncovered.

All Hidden Car Locations in Mafia Definitive Edition

There are five hidden cars in Mafia Definitive Edition. It is not yet clear on whether these vehicles were available in the game’s 2002 predecessor.

But still, these vehicles are gorgeous, so you will need to find them. Firstly, you must collect all the five collectible Post Cards to make these cars available. Otherwise, you cannot get them.

This can be achieved by going into Free Ride. Once you have all the five Post Cards, go to Bertone’s Autoservice Downtown.

On the inside walls, you will find five Post Cards that show each vehicle.

These are all the hidden car locations:

  1. Trauntenberg Sport

This vehicle can be found in Downtown at The Waterfront, looking to the East River.

To get this vehicle, bring a gun. Go inside the giant wooden doors and continue breaking the crates and moving forward. Soon, you will see Trauntenberg Sport.

  1. Flame Spear

To get the Flame Spear, go to Central Island. Look on the map and find the Marshall Bridge. Left of it, you should see an “L” shaped building.

Look for garages on this spot. On one of them, you can open the door. That’s the one that the Flame Spear is parked in.

  1. Manta Prototype

Go to the Works Quarter, and make your way to the Central Rail Station. Look at the map, and go to the right upper building next to the Rail Station.

Climb over the fence, you should see a lot of crates, navigate through them, and you will see the Manta Prototype.

  1. Disorder

Go to the Lake Fyer Dam. Pass onto the other side. You should see three buildings after 50-60 yards, go to the third one. It should look like a resort.

Behind it, you will find the garage that has the Disorder.

  1. Lassiter V16 Appolyon

Go to Beech Hill. Opposite of the last house on the east, you will find another mansion. Inside the property, you will find a garage that has the Lassiter V16 Appolyon.

After getting all five hidden cars, you will get the trophy Car Thief Number One, so it is vital to acquire them. Good luck!

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