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You have a lot of options when it comes to clothing in Mafia Definitive Edition. Some outfits have very distinctive looks, but they are a bit harder to acquire.

How To Change Clothes In Mafia Definitive Edition

Nevertheless, if you want to look dashing while you break the law, you can easily do so. You can’t change singular clothing items, but you have a lot of outfits to choose from.

So, today we will answer the question, how to change your clothes in Mafia Definitive Edition.

Mafia Definitive Edition – How to Change Clothes

The outfits in Mafia 1 Remake need to be unlocked so that they can be available to wear. There are side quests, main missions, and many other ways of unlocking clothes.

If you have played the game for a few days, chances are you have a few outfits to choose from. But how do you do it?

This is how to change clothes in Mafia Definitive Edition:

  1. Go to Free Ride.
  2. Travel to Salieri’s Bar. Chances are you are already here since many players spawn here.
  3. Take the stairs to go above the bar.
  4. Go into your room and interact with the wardrobe. You can see a white icon on your minimap if you can’t find it.
  5. Choose the appropriate outfit.

Congratulations, now you can wear whatever you like in this mafia city. My personal favorite is the “The Don” outfit in Mafia Definitive Edition.

Keep in mind that you need to be in Free Ride mode to change your clothing. Otherwise, you can’t. Side missions usually unlock rare and unique outfits, so if your wardrobe is looking poor, consider doing those. Good luck!

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