How to Make Friends in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius


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Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is a turn-based role-playing mobile game that has been around since 2015. Its classic-style gameplay mixed with a modern gacha system is what drew the attention of fans of this genre which is why it has over 45 million downloads worldwide. 

How to Make Friends in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

Followers of the franchise since then have gathered around game discussion forums to share their stories, opinions, tips, and advice about the game. It is no doubt that it has made the Final Fantasy community even bigger than ever. 

The camaraderie between the FFBE fans can also exist within the actual game. In fact, it can be very advantageous, gameplay-wise, to befriend players to acquire some Friend Points.

What are Friend Points?

Friend Points are used to summon standard or three-star units. Units that have higher ratings can be summoned using Rare Summon Tickets, EX tickets, and the likes. Since this is a free-to-play gacha game, those tickets are very scarce and can only be obtained through quest completion rewards, events, and daily login rewards.

Screenshot 20210925 135911 1

Standard units are easier to obtain but they don’t have impressive base stats. Although, for beginners, they can be quite useful in combat. Some of the Standard units could become skillful after a bit of leveling up and a few awakenings. Awakening your three-star units will turn them into four-star units. The more stars they have, the more room they can have to grow their stats.

Screenshot 20210925 140858

You could also sell them if you’re strapped for gil. 

But the most useful thing Standard Units could offer is fusing them together. Fusing two of the same units will fill up their TMR or Trust Master Reward. TMRs are special items that come with every unit. 

Screenshot 20210926 053421

Think of TMRs as their most prized possession. They won’t hand them over to you unless you’ve got their complete trust. Fill up their TMR gauge by fusing them with the same unit or using Trust Moogles.

Adding more friends will help you gain Friend Points, and having Friend Points will give you more chances to summon Standard Units which are necessary for farming TMRs.

Seek new friends

For those who haven’t had the chance to explore the game yet — to find friends, you have to start playing the game. As you prepare for battle, you will see a screen where you can choose the companion you would like to bring along.

Screenshot 20210926 044444

These are the stats of other players publicly shown to everyone. The ones at the top are usually the OP or the overpowered ones.

Selecting one of these players means that you can temporarily recruit their character. Recruiting their character will give your party an extra boost of power, and you will also be given Friend Points for that.

Screenshot 20210926 044733

While fighting enemies, you will be able to use the character’s move set as well as gaining their passive abilities. But there are some actions that you cannot use if you haven’t become friends with the player yet.

Add new comrades

Upon finishing the level, you will have the option to add or ignore the players as your friend. If you decide to add them and they accepted your request, they will now appear on the Companion screen every time you prepare for a battle.

Screenshot 20210926 045037

Note that you can only recruit them to go on missions or dungeon runs with you once every 3 hours.

There is no limit to how many friends you can add, but there is a limit to how many you can keep. If you’re at Rank 20, the maximum of slots you can have for friends is 40. Thankfully, there’s a method that you can use to expand your friend slots. 

Expand your circle

To add more friend slots, spend your Lapis Crystals in the Shop menu. It costs 100 Lapis Crystals to allocate more slots whether it be for your equipment, material, or units.

Screenshot 20210926 044038

Lapis is the name of FFBE’s in-game currency. These glowing rocks deplete faster than any other material because you will spend them on almost everything, like refilling your energy or NRG. So use them wisely.

You can also use Expansion Vouchers in exchange for more slots, but you can only get them from daily login rewards and promotions.

Send gifts, get points in return

Now that you have become friends with some of the players, you can now send them gifts and in exchange, ask for Friend Points.

Screenshot 20210926 042907

In the Friends menu, select Gifts and choose your desired gift. You can pick either Coins, Crysts or Friend Points.

If you send gifts to your friends regularly, the game will prompt them to also send you one in return.

Put yourself out there

One way to get noticed and get recruited by other players is to keep tabs on which character units are in the meta. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius occasionally introduces new characters, therefore, it can be hard to keep up for casual players who don’t log in every day.

Screenshot 20210926 053832

If you managed to summon a character with an impressive kit and powerful base stats, then thank your lucky stars, and do your best in raising the unit’s level, stats and investing in their awakenings.

After building your unit and giving them proper equipment, you can now select them as your main companion in the Companion Settings.

Screenshot 20210927 110108

In previous versions, you are only allowed to choose one unit as a featured companion. For seasoned players, deciding which character to get in the spotlight was difficult since there is a horde of units in this game that are worthy to be showcased.

However, since the 2019 update, players are now allowed to set up five companion units, one for each pedestal:

  • Favorite: Choose the best unit you have at the moment
  • Event 1 & 2: Select characters that would fare well in battles for the 1st and 2nd Mog King Events
  • Nemesis 1 & 2: Pick which ones have the most competent abilities to withstand mighty and vicious bosses.
Screenshot 20210927 110910

There are Mog King events in FFBE where some units are given status bonuses until the event expires, therefore, choose the best units that would most likely help other players out. 

Most players would spend their NRGs on Trials to get as many experience points and rewards as they could. Hardcore tacticians would always look for companions with abilities that could shield them from the bosses’ usually one-hit attacks.

paladin cecil elena

Paladin Cecil or Elena are must-have units for clearing the Bogeyman Nights in the Chamber of the Vengeful. Paladin Cecil has Paladin’s Protection which has an 80% chance to protect allies from elemental damage. Elena equipped with Summer Whip (Seabreeze Dark Fina’s TMR) will use her Rainbow Whip passive skill to prevent the boss from casting mitigation and resisting breaks.

Some would go for players with units that they think can fill up the missing hole in their parties. If they are lacking in a healer unit that has a great selection of recovery moves, they would most likely choose players who have a Rena. Or if they desire a physical tank with high defense and passive abilities that would make them practically invincible, they would go for someone who has an Alphonse Elric.

Being in the know about the current events and latest meta unit is the best way to garner the attention of other players. Don’t worry if you’ve only got one or two powerful units for now. As long as you keep doing quests, earning Lapis Crystals, and farming materials (most importantly, TMRs), you can surely catch up with most players in no time.

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