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The arrival of a new nation Inazuma also meant a new boss to challenge and collect rewards from. One of these is the Pyro version of the concentrated pure elemental energy called Hypostases.

How to Defeat the Pyro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Pyro Hypostasis Ayin starts the battle with a Pyro shield, which you can slowly break using Hydro, Electro, and Cryo attacks. During this state, Ayin will repeat a series of attack moves until its Pyro shield is broken.

Shielded Attack Moves

Rolling Fireball

Ayin will turn into a large ball of fire and then roll around to hit you multiple times.

The short animation when Ayin transforms will give you a chance to run and prepare yourself to dodge when it rolls towards you.

Boar, Fish, and Butterfly Swarm

This is a combination of three forms and three attacks. Ayin will first transform into a boar and ram you with its horn. It will quickly disappear underground and then jump back up in the form of a large fish to hit you as it dives back under.

This will then be followed by a small floating ball that will quickly explode into a swarm of butterflies.

Look out for the first transformation, and it will be easier to predict the next attacks.

Fire Cobra

Ayin will take the shape of a cobra and then spit three balls of fire three times.

The projectiles are easy to dodge as this move will mostly be done when you are keeping your distance.

Fiery Punch

The Pyro Hypostasis will transform into a hand that curls into a fist and then punch the ground. The impact will trigger a Pyro shockwave.

You can avoid the damage of this attack by running away as Ayin turns into a palm. You can also time your dodge properly and take the least damage from this move.


For this move, Ayin will teleport to the center of the arena and transform into a ball. It will emit light and ripples of fire as it charges before bursting into a huge AOE explosion.

This attack deals significant damage and will cover the entire arena. It will take around 7 seconds for the Pyro Hypostasis to charge, so you have that time to move outside the arena.

Non-shielded Attack Moves

Once you have removed Ayinn’s Pyro shield, the set of attacks that it will do will be changed.

Pyro Pillars

For this move, the Hypostasis will teleport to a random area, spread its cube shells around it, and then have them fall to the ground.

Small cracks on the floor will appear, and from it, Pyro pillars will stick up to deal damage.

Since these things are the shell that covers the Hypostasis, it will be vulnerable during this move. This is the best time to pour all your attacks if you want to defeat this boss quickly. You will always have to look out for the animation where Ayin teleports and spreads out the shell.

Pyro Missiles

Like all other Hypostasis, this Pyro type will also attack where it floats and displays a seal emblem. It will then send projectiles towards the characters to deal Pyro damage.

The Hypostasis is vulnerable to range attacks while performing this move and will be more vulnerable after it.

Shield Regenerate

Ayin will spin at the center protected by its shell. It will absorb Pyro energy from three prisms that will appear around it.

A gauge will appear under its HP bar to indicate the energy it has absorbed. When this gauge reaches its maximum capacity, Ayin will have its Pyro shield back.

You can stop this by destroying the prisms in time using Hydro, Electro, and Cryo attacks.

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