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Learn how to make Pineapple Wine in Stardew Valley!

How to Make Pineapple Wine in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, wine-making is a surefire way to make a profit, and it is debatably how most players become rich in the game. Ancient Wine and Starfruit Wine have been every player’s favored wine for a long time, for they have made their mark in becoming two of the most profitable wines. However, the latest update introduced a new fruit wine that can be a potential contender for that position.

If you’ve been playing Stardew Valley for a while, you might be weary of planting the same crops repeatedly. A few fruits and vegetable crops were added for adept players looking for fresher content — nothing says “fresh” like a pineapple fruit.

Pineapples can grow year-round in the Ginger Island Farm but only sprout their fruit in Summer in your Pelican Town Farm. Pineapple seeds will mature after 14 days when planted on the ground and regrow after seven days.

How does one acquire Pineapple Wine in Stardew Valley? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about this sweet and tangy fruit, so keep reading to find out! 

Getting The Seeds

Unfortunately for beginners, obtaining the seeds will only be plausible for mid to end-game players. This guide will also give you an idea of what to do when you’ve finally arrived at that period of the game. Here are the ways to do it:

Island Trader

Pine IslandTrader

A Bluebird Merchant that goes by the name Island Trader resides on Ginger Island. The Bluebird sells tropical-themed goods like Banana Saplings, Taro Tuber, and Pineapple Seeds. You may get a Pineapple Seed by exchanging 1 Magma Cap with the Island Trader.

Like all merchants and traders stationed in different locations in the game, the Island Trader has random products that get restocked daily. The Island Trader can be unlocked by purchasing the Trading Hut area from Parrots for 10 Golden Walnuts.

Dropped from Hotheads and Tiger Slimes

Pine HotHeadSlime

You can spot Tiger Slimes in the Volcano Dungeon and the Tiger Slime Grove. Getting to the Volcano Dungeon is easy, but you may only access Tiger Slime Grove after offering 10 Golden Walnuts to Parrots. The Island West has a small grove where Mahogany trees grow, and these Slimes spawn. A bunch of these Tiger-stripped Slimes can also be seen on the northwest side of your Island Farm. 

Hotheads also dwell in the Volcano Dungeon. Tiger Slimes are easier to kill, but with Hotheads, you need high combat skills and a powerful weapon to defeat them because they are quite resilient. Once they hit their critical HP, they will go berserk and self-destruct while chasing after you.

Seed Maker

Pine SeedMaker

Putting pineapple fruit in a Seed Maker will give you 1 to 3 seeds after 20 minutes of in-game. Pineapple fruits are already cost-effective since they can regrow over time, but having Seed Makers that produce Pineapple seeds will allow you to plant a whole yard of Pineapples.

Growing Pineapples

Pine Farm2

Pineapples can be grown like other summer crops on your farm. As mentioned, the Ginger Island farm can turn any seasonal crops into perennial ones. Therefore, if you want to turn your Pineapples into wine, it would be best to plant your Pineapple seeds there.

A Pineapple can sell for 300 gold as its base price, and it’s not bad considering you can increase its price up to 660 gold each if you manage to produce Iridium-level quality ones. But how profitable can Pineapples be compared to the other invaluable crops in the game? Let’s evaluate all their traits and decide which top-tier crop will reign.

Pineapple vs Sweet Gem Berry


Sweet Gem Berry may be an unknown type of crop (not a fruit, nor a vegetable, as Wiki describes it), but that hardly matters if its selling price is 3,000 gold per piece — and that’s just the base price. If you plant them with fertilizers, you’ll get Iridium-quality Sweet Gem Berries that sell for 6,000 gold each!

One of its biggest downsides is its inability to regrow, where pineapples prosper the most. Sweet Gem Berry is also quite pricey as it costs 1,000 gold each and has a long growth time that takes almost one season. You can put a Sweet Gem Berry in a Seed Maker, which may produce 2 Rare Seeds. Amassing a good amount of Rare Seeds to fill your Greenhouse with Sweet Gem Berry can be tedious. But probably the most disappointing thing about Sweet Gem Berries is you can’t put them inside the Preserves Jar or Keg and turn them into Artisan Products. This, unfortunately, means you can’t turn Sweet Gem Berry into wine.

Pineapple vs Starfruit


Starfruit is also a seasonal crop that only survives in hot weather. Its base price is 750 gold each, but if you have the Tiller Profession, the price increases to 825 gold. Growing these crops into Iridium-level quality will earn you 1,500 gold each, and having the Tiller Profession will bump it up to 1,650 gold.

This fruit crop also can’t continuously grow after being harvested, but the good thing is you can turn it into Artisan Products. If you preserve a Starfruit in a jar, you will get a delicious Starfruit jelly that is worth 1,550 gold each and 2,170 gold if you have the Artisan Profession. Turning it into wine will earn you 2,250 gold as its base price, becoming 3,150 gold with the Artisan Profession. If you age Starfruit Wine in a Cask, you will get Iridium Starfruit wine that costs 4,500 gold and raises to a whopping 6,300 gold each with the Artisan Profession.

Starfruit can make you earn a huge amount of money without a doubt, but it would be nice if you wouldn’t have to replant them now and then to save you time and hassle.

Pineapple vs Ancient Fruit


Here comes the king of all fruit crops, the Ancient Fruit. These crops will take 28 days to grow (unless you speed them up using fertilizers), and they will continuously produce Ancient Fruits after they are harvested. You can sell Ancient Fruit for as low as 550 gold and as high as 1,210 gold. This guide will tell you more about the profits you’ll gain from growing Ancient Fruit crops.

Ancient Fruit still wins by a mile regarding cost-efficiency and profit. But having a variety in your crops can also be a good thing to avoid burnout from harvesting the same crop repetitively.

Making Pineapple Wine in Stardew Valley

Unlike all the top-tier crops mentioned above, selling Pineapple alone will not earn much. Fermenting Pineapples into wine, on the other hand, can certainly give you a profit.

The step-to-step process below is for beginners who haven’t had the chance to pursue wine-making yet:

Pine 01Harvest

1. Harvest Pineapples from their bushes.

Pine 2Wine

2. Put them inside Kegs.

Pine 3AgeWine

3. Let them age in Casks for 56 days (a total of 2 seasons.)

If you haven’t picked a profession yet, you can choose the Artisan Profession to increase the income you’ll gain from selling aged Pineapple wines to a great extent. This profession will earn you as much as 2,520 gold per bottle of Iridium-quality wine. Overall, Pineapples are a great addition to all the valuable crops you can play or experiment with that will make you a fortune.

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