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For sure, building bases and structures in Minecraft is the core of the game. But what is a home without our favorite feline companion? Read on to find out how to tame a cat in Minecraft.

How To Tame A Cat in Minecraft

Taming mobs in Minecraft is an important part of the game. Players can tame different mobs such as horses and wolves to make surviving a little easier for the player. Taming mobs will also provide players with a faithful companion during their lonely journey in the game. Of course, cats included. Our feline friend will not only provide comfort to players but will also keep creepers at bay. But in order to do that, you must obtain a certain item and use that item to successfully tame the cat. This guide will show you what to and where to find cats in Minecraft.

Required Materials To Tame A Cat

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Raw Salmon/Raw Cod: The raw salmon and raw cod are food items in Minecraft. These can be obtained by fishing or as loot dropped by certain mobs. Fishing for raw salmon and raw cod will require either a fishing rod, a water bucket, or a tool. It can also be used to tame cats with a 13 chance of success.

Where Can You Find A Cat?

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Cats are fairly easy to find. They spawn in villages and in swamp huts. In villages, cats may spawn when there is a minimum of one villager and four beds. One cat will spawn for every four beds in a village with a maximum of 10 cats. In swamp huts, however, only one untamed black cat will spawn along with a witch. More cats can spawn in a swamp hut but they need a grass block to do so.

How Do You Tame A Cat?

  1. Fish for a raw salmon or a raw cod. You can either fish them by hand or with a fishing rod. Bring at least 10 raw fish as taming cats only has one-third chance of success with each feeding.
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  2. Find an untamed cat inside a village. They are usually roaming around inside the village or near its outskirts.
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  3. Place the raw salmon or raw cod in your hotbar inventory slot and equip it in your hand by clicking on the correct hotbar slot number on your keyboard.
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  4. Slowly approach the cat. The cat will run away when you get too close even with the raw salmon or raw cod equipped. You need to crouch when approaching the cat to prevent it from running away. To crouch, simply press left shift on your keyboard.
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  5. When you are near enough, right-click on the cat to feed it the raw salmon or raw cod.
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  6. Continue to feed it until hearts will appear on top of it. This will indicate that you’ve successfully tamed the cat.
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  7. When you are successful, the tamed cat will follow you around much like a tamed wolf. You can right-click the cat again to make it sit or stand up. You can also change its collar color by right-clicking on the cat while holding a dye on your hand.
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