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What this game has done great is the collectibles system. Millions and millions of collectibles can be found in the form of comics or other interesting items.

Marvel Avengers : To Find Olympia | All  Locations

Sadly, because it is a mission-based game, you need to be on a specific mission to roam around the map to find these collectibles. This means that the game is not open-world per se, but you can discover and move freely on the mission map.

To Find Olympia, all collectibles locations are significant if you want to finish the game at the highest possible percentage.

Where to Find All Olympia Collectibles

On this mission, there are tons and tons of chests. Most of them give out resources, gear, and other loot. Indeed, in the game’s theme, they are scattered at the most unusual places of the map.

Nevertheless, you can find a golden chest on this map, which gives you higher quality loot. An exact number of 18 chests and one collectible item can be found while on this quest.

Hardened Chests Locations

When playing as Hulk, run and climb around the Rocky Mountains and do a Hulk Smash on almost all the places you can stand on. Hardened chests are most easily visible. However, there are some located in the rocky walls. You can find six in the mountains. The rest are in the base.

Gold Chests Locations

There are three golden chest locations. When playing as Hulk from in front of the base, climb up to the second floor. On the far right side is the Gold Chest.

For the second one, you need to be Ms. Marvel, and then you can find one just after the switch from Hulk on the right side, and the third is located in the war room.

Rise Of Aim Intelligence

The intelligence items in Marvel’s Avengers are not that easy to miss. On this mission, there are four intelligence items named The Rise of Aim. To find them check every corner of the rooms. They are distributed in large crates.

Also, three of them can be found by Hulk, while the last one by Ms. Marvel.

Hulk Comic

When you reach the storage and control room as Ms. Marvel, find the room’s control computers. They are old-looking, not working computers. In one of the aisles, find an old white personal computer, next to it is a Hulk Comic.

Keeping to the theme of the game, even this starting mission has quite some collectibles. However, less than others but, because it is one of the starting missions, the developers didn’t add as many collectibles as the other missions.

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