Wasteland 3 : Frank Pappas Location (Disappeared Quest)



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There are some hidden quests in Wasteland 3, which you can get just by interacting with the NPCs. Sometimes these quests give big rewards. These rewards come in the form of loot or many times as perks and abilities.

Wasteland 3 : Frank Pappas Location (Disappeared Quest)

Frank Pappas location is essential to high-achieving players who want to finish the game with everything completed.

Where is Frank Pappas Location

Frank Pappas is one of those not so friendly NPCs in the game. When you meet him, he will tell you to scram. You won’t be able to finish the quest without being very persistent.

Because he is so rude, he will discard you at once, so you will need to pick out your interactions correctly to get the perk Marshal Training which gives Leadership Range +2 meters. You won’t get any traditional style mission. Instead, this is the mission. The quest is about convincing or recruiting Frank Pappas.

Frank Pappas location is in the infamous Sans Luxe Apartment complex in Downtown Colorado Springs.

To get the perk, you need to do the following interactions in order:

  1. “We want to ask you about some folks doing…”
  2. “Fair enough. Then tell us the location of…”
  3. “Forget the Marshals. This is just between you…”
  4. “Are you saying Daisy would kill you…”
  5. “How about you join the Rangers? Daisy…”

After that, rather unconvincingly, Frank Pappas will be recruited to your squad. You can go a couple of different routes at the last interaction, but this is the best by far.

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