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The ability to command Marvel characters in battle is a staple of Marvel Strike Force, where you’ll collect stronger heroes and villains to fight on your behalf. In May 2021, a Legendary character was revealed, Adam Warlock.

How to Unlock Adam Warlock in Marvel Strike Force

How do you recruit him for your team?

There are a few requirements to meet before you can unlock Adam Warlock. Unfortunately, the Mythical Legendary Event, The Infinity Watch, has ended. Even so, it’s likely it will return in the future.

Adam Warlock’s Requirements

As Adam Warlock’s event is a Mythical Legendary Event, you need to be at the corresponding power level. Here are the minimum requirements for unlocking him:

  • Jubilee at five stars

Jubilee was herself introduced at a Legendary Event earlier in 2021. Should you have her, she must be upgraded to at least five stars. Be sure to reserve some Shards for her.

  • Four X-Factor characters also upgraded to five stars

As part of the following team requirement, you have to upgrade four X-Factor characters to five stars, too. It’s is because the event is Legendary, and five stars are the minimum requirement for your team’s members.

  • Your characters must be Level 65

If you think this Mythic Legendary Event will be simple, then you’re mistaken. Your characters must all be above Level 65. Any lower, and you won’t be able to start.

  • Gear Tier 12

Each character can upgrade Gear tiers, and all of them have to reach Tier 12. You can fill Gear slots and then consume the Gear, leveling up once. Repeat until your team has reached Gear Tier 12.

  • Reach Iso-8 Class Level 3

Iso-8 is a newer progression system that allows you to customize your characters. You can acquire plenty of Iso-8 Crystals and choose Classes for your hero or villain. For the Infinity Watch Mythic Legendary Event, your team members must be at least Level 3 in a Class.

If you met these requirements, you were allowed to participate in the event and unlock Adam Warlock. The event has seven tiers, though you can unlock him at the fifth.

Adam Warlock’s Character Stats and Abilities

Adam Warlock is a Legendary character, and his other Traits include:

  • Hero
  • Cosmic
  • Mystic
  • Support
  • Infinity Watch

Basic: Soul Mage Assault

This attack can deal 350% damage on a primary target, prolong negative effect durations by one except for Ability Block and Stun, and the primary target will have two Bleed effects for two turns.

Special: Enfeebling Blast

Enfeebling Blast costs 5/5 energy and does the following:

  • The primary target receives 500% damage and will have Ability Block for two turns.
  • All enemy Villain Protectors have Ability Block for two turns.
  • All enemy Protectors gain Disrupted status for two turns.
  • Unavoidable is triggered, and enemies can’t dodge or evade the attack.

Ultimate: Power Overwhelming

Adam Warlock’s Ultimate costs 4/6 energy and has these effects:

  • Adam Warlock and all Infinity Watch allies gain Safeguard.
  • The primary target receives 420% damage and Stun.
  • One target within two spaces of the primary target gets hit with 370% damage and Stun.
  • Enemies cannot Counterattack.

Passive: Avatar of Life

Avatar of Life is always active, and it has various advantages, such as:

  • Adam Warlock and all Infinity Watch teammates gain Safeguard and Immunity on spawn.
  • If his health is full at the match’s beginning, he can revive once with 60% max health.
  • Once he revives, he gains Deathproof, Regeneration, Defense Up, and clears all Infinity Watch allies’ negative effects, as well as his own.
  • When it’s Adam Warlock’s turn, he removes all enemies’ Regeneration, and the most injured teammate will gain Regeneration for two turns if any enemy had the ability.
  • If his health is below 20%, he gains Regeneration, Safeguard, and two Deflect.
  • If Adam Warlock or any Infinity Watch ally gains Deathproof, the character gets Safeguard.
  • If there are more than four Infinity Watch allies, damage received is 10% lower from all enemies.
  • He and all Infinity Watch allies gain 30% max health and 30% more armor.

The Stuff of Legends

With a character this powerful on your team, you can undoubtedly shred through the most formidable enemies. Even if you can’t get Adam Warlock now, you can always prepare for an event rerun in the future. Keep your eyes peeled.

What do you think makes Adam Warlock powerful? Did you manage to get Adam Warlock? Let us know in the comments section below.

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