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If you are new to the game and happen to be playing with two to three other players in PUBG, moments will come where your teammate runs out of ammo. As a good teammate yourself, you decide to share some with your teammate in need. But alas, you realize that you can only drop an entire item in PUBG by default, regardless of how many of the same items you have in your bag.

How to Split Ammo in PUBG

If you want to be a good samaritan and would like to learn how to split your ammo with your teammates, then this is the guide for you.

Sharing Is Caring

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In PUBG, items that you pick up such as First-Aid Kits, Bandages, and Ammo, to name a few, are grouped up inside the player’s inventory/backpack. This is an understandable design choice because it saves the players time when browsing for an item inside their backpack.

Imagine picking up 5 First-Aid kits and then see them scattered randomly inside your backpack. On instances where you’re out on the field in the middle of a gunfight, you won’t have time to browse deep into your inventory to pull out a First-Aid kit.

How To Split Ammo in PUBG

Splitting Ammo in PUBG is very simple.

  1. In-game, press “TAB” to open your inventory:
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Don’t mind the pants. Or the lack thereof.

2. Hover your mouse cursor over to the ammo which you would like to split up:

image 101

Now, there are two ways to split up ammo. The first way is to manually input exactly how much ammo you are going to drop.

The other way is to divide the total amount of current ammo in half.

3. To manually input the amount of ammo to drop, Hold CTRL + Right-click

image 102

This window should show up. You can now manually input the amount of ammo you would like to drop.

4. To literally split the ammo in half, Hold ALT + Right-click.

image 103

Half of your current ammo will be automatically dropped on the ground.

Share Your Loot

Looting is an important part of a PUBG game. In this battle royale, you and your team must be always equipped with generous amounts of regeneration items and ammo to survive until the end.

Since drops in-game are purely RNG or random, there are times when you and your team are just unlucky and will never come across a good amount of regen and ammo items. In these times it is important to know how to share ammo and regen items among your teammates to ensure that everyone in your team has a fighting chance when the action heats up.

Now that you know how to split ammo among your teammates, go on and share your loot. They will thank you a-loot for that.

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