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In Marvel’s Avengers, there is no shortage of challenging missions, fights, and decisions. This is especially true for Starktech Outfits Mission. There are many challenges to this mission. Most of them involve battles and a lot of collecting.

Marvel’s Avengers – Prime Synthoids Locations

Probably the most crucial aspect of this mission is to know the Prime Synthoids Locations. They’re needed to get Energy Amplifiers, which can complete the progress of the Starktech Outfits.

What Are The Prime Synthoids Locations

The Prime Synthoids are not as strong as some other in-game bots. However, taking care of them might be a pain. Well, before we get into the Prime Synthoids locations, different aspects need to be covered about this mission.

Firstly, to find memory chips and optic decoders, you need to go the Along Came Spider-man mission. Here you can get memory chips just by fighting Proto-Synthoids. After defeating all Protos, find Riotbots and battle them to get optic decoders. Be careful, because these bots are strong.

After finishing those two critical bits of the mission, you can now find the Prime Synthoids.

The Prime Synthoids locations are in the Communication Nexus and the Sabotage Drop Zone Mission.

On this mission, you will also meet other bots and enemies. These include Prime Adept Synthoids, which give you Energy Amplifiers that are needed to complete the Starktech Outfits.

One thing to note about Prime Synthoids is that they can be found on other missions and locations. When not on this mission, the Synthoids are just regular mobs.

This is by far the most formidable challenge in Marvel’s Avengers. However, after collecting all the needed parts from Protos, Riotbots, and Synthoids, you are rewarded with the Starktech Outfit.

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