Mass Effect Keepers: Where to find them all


Shawn Farner

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Now that Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out, a lot of people are jumping into the first Mass Effect for the first time. That means plenty of new players are experiencing the great Easter egg hunt known as “Scan the Keepers,” which asks you to search the Citadel for (and collect data on) the Mass Effect Keepers — the mysterious little robots who keep things running.

Mass Effect Keepers: Where to find them all
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The Citadel is pretty big. There are plenty of pathways to get around. And there are tucked away locations that you can miss if you don’t keep a close eye out. Fortunately, we’ve assembled a guide that shows you how to find all 21 Keepers in Mass Effect. Yes, you only need 20 for “Scan the Keepers.” But it never hurts to overdo it, right?

Let’s start at the tippy top of the Citadel, then. Oh, and just to humor myself, I’ve given all the Keepers names. I apologize in advance.

Citadel Tower

#1: Council Keeper

This Keeper sits at the highest level of the Tower in the southwest corner.

mass effect keepers 1
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#2: Chorban’s First Keeper

This is the Keeper Chorban was messing with when you met him. It’s on the middle tier of the Tower.

mass effect keepers 2
02 02 1024x576 1

#3: Rear Keeper

This Keeper is also on the middle tier of the Tower, just a bit past where Rear Admiral Kahoku is standing.

mass effect keepers 3
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#4: Last Tower Keeper

Before you walk down the last set of stairs in the Citadel Tower, you’ll find this Keeper off to your left (right hand side of the map).

mass effect keepers 4
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#5: Greeter Keeper

If you take the elevator down from Citadel Tower to the Presidium, this Keeper will be right in front of you.

mass effect keepers 5
05 02 1024x576 1

#6: Wards Door Keeper

Walk over to the Wards access in the Presidium and you’ll find this guy.

mass effect keepers 6
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#7: Lounge Keeper

This Keeper is a bit tricky. Right near where the bar is located in the Embassy Lounge, walk out the door and you’ll find this one on a balcony. There’d otherwise be no other reason to come out here.

mass effect keepers 7
07 02 1024x576 1

#8: Diplomatic Keeper

You’ll find this Keeper in the other diplomats room near the entrance of the Embassy Lounge. It has an Elcor in it.

mass effect keepers 8
08 02 1024x576 1

#9: Ambassador Keeper

This Keeper is located in the Volus and Elcor Office proper. You can’t see him when you initially walk in. But if you walk toward the ambassadors and then turn, there he is.

mass effect keepers 9
09 02 1024x576 1

#10: Consort Keeper

This Keeper is stationed right outside the Consort Chambers. Odds are it is the happiest of the bunch.

mass effect keepers 10
10 02 1024x576 1

#11: Nature’s Keeper

Just a short stroll away from the last one, you’ll find this Keeper on a path near an entryway that leads to some stairs.

mass effect keepers 11
11 02 1024x576 1

#12: Emporium Keeper

This Keeper can be found by entering the Emporium and walking up the stairs in the very back.

mass effect keepers 12
12 02 1024x576 1

Flux and Wards Access

#13: Hallway Keeper

If you take the elevator down from the Presidium to the Wards, the hallway in between will have a small room containing this Keeper.

mass effect keepers 13
20 02 1024x576 1

#14: Casino Keeper

This Mass Effect Keeper is having the time of his life at Flux Casino, way in the back in the area with the gambling machines.

16 01 1024x576 1
16 02 1024x576 1

Upper Wards

#15: Med Keeper

This Keeper is hanging out by the Med Clinic in the space near the Rapid Transit station.

13 01 1024x576 1
13 02 1024x576 1

#16: Market Keeper

You’ll find this Keeper in the corner of the Market.

14 01 1024x576 1
14 02 1024x576 1

#17: Alley Keeper

This Keeper fears nothing. You’ll find it in the alleyway where you rescued Tali.

15 01 1024x576 1
15 02 1024x576 1

Lower Wards

#18: C-Sec Middle Keeper

This Keeper has set up shop in the C-Sec room between the Lower Wards and C-Sec proper.

17 01 1024x576 1
17 02 1024x576 1


#19: Weapons Keeper

Go to the C-Sec Requisitions Office to find this handy little Mass Effect Keeper.

18 01 1024x576 1
18 02 1024x576 1

#20: Traffic Control Keeper

Visit your pals in the Traffic Control area of C-Sec and you’ll find this Keeper helping the cause.

19 01 1024x576 1
19 02 1024x576 1

Docking Bays

#21: Ship Keeper

This last Keeper is stationed right outside where you dock the Normandy. Head up the ramp and you’ll find him at the end of it.

21 01 1024x576 1
21 02 1024x576 1

And there you have it! That is the grand list of Mass Effect Keepers you can track down and scan in the Citadel. Once you hit 20 scanned in total, you’ll complete the “Scan the Keepers” quest and get yourself a nice little reward for all your hard work.

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