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Mass Effect games have always had a deep unfolding plot, with a lot of characters which will be very colorful, and exceptionally represented. Some characters are closes to players than others. One example is the character named Wrex, which might die depending on your decision-making. But how do you avoid that, and how to save Wrex from an unfortunate death? Well, we reviewed all of the possible ways to save Wrex!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How to Save Wrex

How to Save Wrex – Mass Effect Legendary Edition

SPOILER ALERT: There will be a few instances when a part of the story is revealed, so if you haven’t played Mass Effect 1, and aren’t a fan of spoilers, be wary.

In the Legendary Edition of the compilation of the trilogy, a lot has changed. But some of the fundamentals of the story and other aspects remain the same. Like the time when Wrex will try to stop a bad guy from destroying everything. At this point, every decision is key if you want to save Wrex. Here is how to save Wrex in Mass Effect Legendary Edition:

  • If you have a high Renegade rank, it is perfect to use Intimidate. You will need eight points to Intimidate Wrex not to pursue what he plans!
  • Other than that, Charm is a good option as well. You will need eight points, the same as Intimidate, but you will talk to Wrex and try to calm his nerves down, to get him to drop the grudge that he has, and to continue to live on.

There are a couple of other ways to save Wrex in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, same as the first Mass Effect game when it came out, but in all honesty, nothing beats these two methods.

Another one which is viable but not as easy is the one that includes finishing the Wrex Family Armor mission before Virmire. Then, Wrex will have full confidence in you, so you can choose the following interaction with him: ‘I wouldn’t to this otherwise.’, and then ‘We are’.

So, for that one, you don’t have to have a high level of Intimidate or Charm, but I would say, do that unless you don’t have those two. Otherwise, stick with Charm or Intimidate, as you don’t have to finish a whole quest beforehand.

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