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Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s launch wasn’t that eventful, compared to the predecessors of the franchise. The launch was smooth with almost no issues on most platforms. That said, Xbox users had some issues though. Whenever launching the game and in the main menu, when players pressed continue, they were kicked out of the game into the main menu of the Xbox One. Thankfully, some players found an easy fix for main menu crashing on Xbox!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Fix Main Menu Crashing on Xbox

Easy Fix Main Menu Crashing on Xbox – Mass Effect Legendary Edition

For some reason, the issue isn’t technically with the game, at least that is the common consensus now. It feels as though it is an underlying problem with the game, where some connected devices might be causing the issue, like for example headphones.

This has never been seen before, but reports are flooding in with the newest Mass Effect, the Legendary Edition. The headphones, particularly wireless ones, might be causing Mass Effect to crash. Here is how to fix main menu crashing on Xbox in Mass Effect Legendary Edition:

  1. Remove all USB devices from your Xbox One.
  2. Restart the console.
  3. Launch the game.

If you’re still getting the same issue, make sure to turn off all of the devices connected to your console. Things like keyboards, mice (if you use keyboard and mouse), speakers, headphones, just to name a few.

Leave your console with just your controller connected. Then, for good measure, restart the console and then try to launch Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

For now, there is not much official information circulating on the topic, but this is the only method that has been found to fix the issue for now. Until there is an official fix, try this method, and if it doesn’t work a couple of times, try to contact the respective support team.

Other problems with the game are only few, and the launch seems to be a successful one for the PlayStation 4 and for PC users. There is a good chance that this Xbox issue gets patched relatively soon as well.

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