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During your journeys in this medieval world, you will come across many wild animals. For sustenance, you can hunt these animals and use their loot for crafting.

Medieval Dynasty: Animal Locations | All Locations

F urthermore, the animals in the Medieval Dynasty are challenging to find. The developers have nailed the hunting aspect in the game. It gives you a very immersive experience.

If it’s that difficult, how do you find these animals? Worry not, we have pinpointed all the animal locations in Medieval Dynasty!

All Animal Locations in Medieval Dynasty

So, in the Medieval Dynasty, it is safe to say that you will need to do a lot of hunting. Even if you are more of a builder-type, you will need to hunt animals for resources.

It is a very high chance that you will need to do some hunting any way you put it. There are six animals in the Medieval Dynasty.

Those animals are:

  1. Wolves
  2. Hogs
  3. Bears
  4. Clays
  5. Bisons
  6. Foxes

Some are harder to find, while others are pretty scattered in the medieval world. These are the animal locations:

  • The yellow highlighted areas have Bison.
  • Clays can be found in the white circles.
  • In the red circles, you will find a lot of Wolves.
  • Green circles have Hogs.
  • If you are looking for Foxes, go to the orange circles.
  • Bears are present in the blue circles.
  • The stars on the map resemble mines.

These are all the current animal locations in the Medieval Dynasty. Many talk about whether they will add more animals, but we haven’t heard anything from Toplitz Productions.

Furthermore, there are more animals in this game like deer, but we didn’t mention them since these animals are abundant. The animals on this list are usually animals players who have problem finding. Be careful out there, some of these mobs are very vicious!

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