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There is no doubt that there are fascinating and weird costumes in Mafia 1 Remake. Furthermore, to get these outfits, you must do even more bizarre things.

Mafia 1 Remake : How To Unlock Alien Outfit

Usually, outfits are rewards for secret side missions in-game. The Alien outfit is probably in the top 10 most unusual costumes in the game.

But that makes it so wanted. We are sharing with you the answer to the question: How to unlock the Alien outfit.

How to Unlock the Alien Outfit in Mafia 1 Remake

As I said above, most costumes are acquired through secret missions, and the Alien one is the same. The task Alien Infiltration needs to be finished to unlock this crazy outfit.

However, many players can’t seem to find and start this mission because it is very tricky. But worry not, we will tell you exactly how to do it.

This is how you unlock the Alien outfit:

  1. Go to your Warehouse’s Office.
  2. Enter the room for planning, i.e., conference room.
  3. Change the weather, and make it a night and cloudy.
  4. Travel to the west of the Works Quarter, where there is a circle road in the corner.
  5. Interact with the ringing payphone.
  6. Alien Infiltration will start. You will need to shoot the spaceship once they begin to abduct people.
  7. You will have to do this a couple of times. Shoot, follow, shoot, and follow until they reach a lighthouse.
  8. Here it would be best if you fought off the human clones (there will be many).
  9. Next, destroy the alien generator and shoot the spaceship once more.

Congratulations, you have unlocked the Alien Outfit!

This mission is exciting. Once you finish it, men in black will come in a futuristic vehicle and wipe off your memory. This mission is a movie reference to the franchise “Men In Black.”

You will have to be extremely fast to catch up each time to the aliens. They will go pretty far each time, so focus on driving and don’t shoot them until they don’t abduct people. Good luck!

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