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Logs and wood are the most used material in the Medieval Dynasty. You’ll find yourself using logs for building structures in your dynasty, as well as crafting items.

Medieval Dynasty - Do Trees Grow Back

When you cut down trees, you will be left with a stump. Considering how much cutting you will do, it would be great that the trees grow back. But do the trees grow back in the Medieval Dynasty?

Do Trees Grow Back in Medieval Dynasty

The chances are that you are gathering resources close to your dynasty. After all, who wants to walk miles so they can get a few logs?

What happens when you cut down a whole field and are left with hundreds of tree stumps? Esthetically speaking, it doesn’t look right to have stumps around your dynasty.

But sure enough, having trees can add a lot of beauty to your town. So, do the trees grow back once you cut them?

The cut trees in the Medieval Dynasty grow back after some time.

The stumps that are left from cutting trees can grow back. The only drawback is that it takes a couple of years to do so.

While herbs and plants regrow within a season, trees take about two years to get back to full size. Nevertheless, some don’t want the trees to regrow.

If this is you, you can easily remove the tree stumps by punching it with bare knuckles. Also, these stumps don’t affect the building at all.

Building over stumps will remove the stumps if you don’t want to go around punching trees. But this is only if you’re going to build on that area.

Furthermore, you can plant a lot of things in this game. However, there is no way of planting trees as far as we know. That leaves you with only waiting for those you cut in your dynasty, so be careful.

It is unclear whether they will add this feature, but one upside is that there are millions of trees in the Medieval Dynasty, so you won’t run out of trees any time soon. Be safe on your adventure!

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