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While building your dynasty and expanding, you will need a lot of trees and logs. For the most part, you will be running around and gathering wood so you can build.

Medieval Dynasty How To Remove Tree Stumps

This means cutting down trees, and quite a lot of them. Chances are you are cutting down the trees close to your dynasty. This means that you will have a million tree stumps scattered everywhere close to your dynasty.

That’s why you need to know how to remove these tree stumps.

How to Remove Tree Stumps

Having tons of tree stumps doesn’t make for good scenery. Oddly enough, many players couldn’t find out how to remove them, so they just believed that they are not removable.

But that’s far from the truth. The stumps are removable, but the way to remove them is very unorthodox.

To remove the tree stumps in the Medieval Dynasty, you need to punch them. That’s why many of the Medieval Dynasty players couldn’t find out how to remove them.

In some cases, players with extremely large dynasties left enormous fields of tree stumps. Those who did this might have to grind two to three days to remove these stumps.

A common practice you should implement is punching the tree stumps immediately after you cut down the trees. This will ensure that you don’t have headaches in the future and have a clear field.

Now, you don’t need to do this on every tree you cut down. After all, this does not give any resources. Just the ones that are close to your dynasty can hurt the esthetics of it, i.e., the ones you see. Enjoy your medieval adventure!

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