Mafia Definitive Edition: Policeman Outfit Location



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The unlockable outfits in Mafia Definitive Edition are usually pretty hard to obtain. Many of them can be unlocked by doing main and side missions in Free Ride and story-mode.

Mafia Definitive Edition: Policeman Outfit Location

This is true for other unlockable items as well—things like guns, cars, collectibles, etc. But there are also straightforward ones which can easily be missed. The Policeman outfit can be unlocked effortlessly if you know where it is.

Thankfully, we have the Policeman outfit location, and we are sharing it with you.

Policeman Outfit Location in Mafia Definitive Edition

Even though you don’t have to fight a lot of enemies and don’t have to toil away for an hour to get this costume, it’s still a unique one to own.

Finally, you get to be on the right side of the law in Mafia Definitive Edition and act like it. Nevertheless, be aware that this outfit does not grant you any particular privileges.

You will still be shot down or arrested by the police if you are caught breaking the law! So, with all that said, where can you find this costume?

The Policeman outfit location is in the Works Quarter, close to the Federal Customs Impound. See the screenshot for more of a reference:

The outfit can be found where the player is standing on the map, not on the mouse cursor.

To get it, you will need to find an alleyway. Face west and look for a sign saying “Public Sale.” Once you see the said sign, please go into the alleyway left of it.

There you will find a few big crates. Ignore those. Look for a small case planted on the floor, open the case, and you will find the Policeman outfit in there.

The outfit looks like any other regular Policeman. Just be careful, remember what I said above, you don’t get any privileges! Have fun being a Policeman!

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