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Fishing is one of the ways to obtain food in the Medieval Dynasty. You can hunt fish in the lakes with fishing nets and quench your hunger with these fish. If your home is close to a lake, fishing can be a source of livelihood and food for you.

Medieval Dynasty Fishing | How To Fish

You can also make money by selling the fish you catch to vendors in the village. For these reasons, fishing is one of the most important mechanics in the game.

Let’s see how to fish in Medieval Dynasty.

How To Fish In Medieval Dynasty

Fishing is similar to trapping, another hunting mechanic in Medieval Dynasty. By throwing the net into the lake, you wait for the fish to get caught in your fishing net.

On the other hand, there are two types of fishing methods in Medieval Dynasty. The first of these is fishing with a spear in your hand. It is enough to have a spear for this. You can hunt fish in the lake by entering the lake with the fishing spear. In addition, you can buy fishing spear in Jezerica village.

A second method is net fishing. This method is similar to hunting with trapping. On the other hand, you need to make some technological progress in the game for net fishing. Crafting the fishing net required for net fishing is only possible by having 500 technology points in the “Survival” tab. You also need 250 gold to purchase this technology. If you have this technological progress and have enough gold, you can start fishing by craft fishing net.

Consequently, fishing is a crucial way to obtain food in the Medieval Dynasty. You have two different ways to fish. One of them is a way you can make at the beginning of the game, and the other is a way you can choose after specific progress in the game. You can catch more fish in a shorter time with the fishing net that you will craft after making enough progress in the game. Also, if you want to fish for your food in Medieval Dynasty, building your house next to any lake will save you time.

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