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There are trade mechanics for making Money in Medieval Dynasty. You can earn money by selling items or food to vendors in villages. For this, you can walk through the forests to collect blackberries, or you can craft items and sell these items to vendors. On the other hand, since this is a trade, you may not make the same profit from every item you sell. Therefore, the item you will sell is essential.

How To Make Money in Medieval Dynasty

Let’s see how to make money in Medieval Dynasty.

How To Make Money In Medieval Dynasty

To make money in Medieval Dynasty, all you need is to trade with villager inhabitants. For this, you have to sell your goods, food, or clothing to the villagers. Each product has a different counterpart at the vendors. In other words, there are profitable products or less profitable products in Medieval Dynasty. For example, an iron or stone axe’s sale price is higher, while vegetables are very cheap to sell.

You can see a few trading ideas below, so you can make more money in Medieval Dynasty.

Selling Vegetables

If you are more interested in farming in the Medieval Dynasty, this trade idea might be quite good for you. After harvesting various vegetables that you will plant in large areas, you can make money by selling your vegetables to the vendor in the village.

Selling Clothes

You can craft clothes from furs and leathers obtained by hunting animals. For this, you need to make some progress in the game and develop technologically. Once you have enough technology to craft clothes, you can craft clothes from fur and leathers you get from animals and sell these clothes.

Selling Items

This trade way is for those who like to craft more items. If you have many resources, you can craft new items from these resources and sell your surplus items. When you progress in the game and acquire new technologies, you start to craft different and more valuable items. Thus, you can make more money.

Consequently, you have to trade in the Medieval Dynasty to make money. The product you want to trade is entirely up to your preference and taste. If you enjoy hunting animals, crafting and selling clothes may be the right way for you. Also, as you progress in the game and reach new technologies, you will get valuable items, and your earnings from selling them will increase.

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