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Medieval Dynasty is a game about life simulation in the Middle Ages. Players try to survive in the game in a classic Medieval atmosphere in a variety of ways.

Medieval Dynasty: How To Craft

The most important mechanic is crafting that will keep you up and live in this medieval world of the game. You can make many different items with the crafting mechanics, you can hunt animals with these items and make a house for yourself.

Let’s look at how to craft in the Medieval Dynasty.

How To Craft In Medieval Dynasty

The only way to survive the harsh natural conditions of the Medieval Dynasty is by breeding. You can defend yourself by making items, building a house, and satisfying your hunger by hunting animals. In other words, you will meet most of your basic needs with the things you will produce with crafting.

To craft in Medieval Dynasty, you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Press the “Q” key and open the “Choice Menu”.

Step 2: Click the “Crafting” button.

Step 3: Select the item and left-click on it.

It’s that simple. The item you craft has arrived in your inventory. This way, you can craft many items and have the necessary things to survive. For example, you can build a safe house yourself by crafting a wooden building hammer. You can also hunt animals and protect yourself from wild animals by crafting a wooden spear. Beginner players can craft a stone axe to cut a tree and collect wooden logs, one of the most critical things in the game.

The only thing you need to pay attention to while crafting is the resources you need while crafting an item. Each item requires its unique resources. If you do not provide these resources needs, you cannot craft those items.

If you do not provide the necessary resources, you cannot craft those items. You can get these resources that are required for crafting from nature. For example, you can craft a stone axe by collecting rocks from the ground. After crafting stone axes, you can obtain wooden logs, which are the resource of many items, by cutting trees. Therefore, we recommend that beginner players craft a stone axe first.

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