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We all wondered what it would feel like to live in the Middle Ages. A new game called Medieval Dynasty, which will satisfy your curiosity has been released recently. The game is generally an open-world game, and you try to hold on to life in the Medieval times with your character.

Medieval Dynasty : How To Get Wooden Logs

Nature is your most significant source of life in the Medieval Dynasty. Trees, animals, and fields are a living space for you. In addition, the wooden logs you will get from trees is at the center of your life.

Let’s see how to get a wooden log in the Medieval Dynasty.

How To Get Wooden Logs In Medieval Dynasty

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It would help if you had logs for your home and many items necessary to survive. Therefore, a wooden log is one of the essential things in the game. All you need is an axe to get a wooden log because it is obtained by cutting trees. After you have an axe, you need to follow the steps below to get wooden logs:

Step 1: Press the “I” key and open the inventory.

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Step 2: Select the axe.

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Step 3: Press the “F” key and select the slot.

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Step 4: Move closer to the tree and hold the left-click.

step 4 wooden logs 1024x576 1

Step 5: Cut the tree into logs on the ground.

step 5 wooden logs 1024x576 1

Step 6: Press the “E” key.

step 6 wooden logs 1024x576 1

That’s it, and you now have wooden logs. You can craft items out of wood with wooden logs. Thus, you can increase your chances of survival by having many items at the beginning of the game. You can also develop quickly by making a wooden hammer to immediately build a house and a wooden spear to protect yourself and hunt.

Finally, there is a point to be aware of when cutting trees. Each item in the game has durability. When the durability of your item is over, your item becomes unusable and disappears. Therefore, don’t forget to check your axe’s durability when cutting trees.

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