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When survival is in question, then you will need to find sustenance in this harsh medieval world. This means farming, having livestock, and hunting.

Medieval Dynasty Pigs | Pig Locations

So, it’s not just about advancing your dynasty, but also thinking of fundamental survival aspects and taking care of them. You can have pigs, chickens, cows, and many other animals in your dynasty.

They will give you different resources, but most importantly, they will provide sustenance. But they are challenging to get, so how do you get them?

Well, thankfully, we have the exact pig locations and pig shopkeepers!

Pig Locations in Medieval Dynasty

To have pigs in your town, you will need to build a Pig Pin. This is where your pigs will be. You will need to assign workers here to take care of the livestock or do it yourself.

If you want to get animals like this, you will need to buy them from a particular shopkeeper.

Well, to get pigs, you need to go to the unnamed village west of Branica. There is a merchant here who will sell you piglets and pigs.

Bring your pigs back to your Pig Pin. Inside, you will need to put a bag with a lot of flax seeds, so that the workers can feed the pigs. Otherwise, the pigs will run away or die.

Where do you get flax seeds?

Before going to the village to buy pigs, go to Branica. The only shopkeeper here will sell you flax seeds. Pig prices are about 1000-1500.

You can also buy chickens, hogs, and other animals and materials in the same shop in the unnamed village. They vary in prices, but you can expect them to be 1000-4000 coins.

Like I said above, if you don’t want to use workers, you can. You need to take care of the livestock yourself. Nonetheless, consider adding workers since it will be much more efficient, and you can focus on other more important things. Good luck!

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