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The barn is one of the main buildings required for farming in the Medieval Dynasty. In the barn, you can produce flour or even craft a variety of seeds. One of these seeds is flaxseed. Flax is one of the items required for crafting the materials necessary for bow and fishing net. Therefore, although the barn is a building specifically for the farming, it is indirectly used in many different areas of the Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty: Barn | How To Build Barn

Let’s see how to build a barn in Medieval Dynasty.

How To Build Barn In Medieval Dynasty

The barn is a building where you can craft raw materials for both agriculture and hunting. On the other hand, building a barn is not relatively easy at the beginning of the game.

To build a barn, you have to go through some technological progress. You can build a barn when you have ten technology points in the “Farming” section under the “Technology” tab. Once you have the necessary technological progress, you can build the barn by following the steps below:

Step 1: Press the “Q” key, and select “Buildings”.

Step 2: Click on “Farming”.

Step 3: Press “Barn”.

It’s that easy. Now you can craft things like seeds and manure that you need for agriculture in your barn. You can also start producing flour by purchasing the “Flour” book, which costs 50 gold from the technology tab. Reaching the technological development required for the barn is possible by agriculture. For example, collecting a vegetable that grows in your field will increase your technology points in farming.

As a tip, if you craft a wooden hoe at the beginning of the game and create a large field and make this field area ready for seeds with your hoe, you can easily reach ten technology points in the farming.

Consequently, a barn is a building where you can craft your needs in many different areas in Medieval Dynasty, especially in farming. While you must have specific technology points to build a barn, reaching this point is easy to achieve at the beginning of the game with particular tactics. After building a barn, you can improve your farming and increase your farming income with the seeds you craft here.

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