Medieval Dynasty Rocks Location | Where to Find Rocks



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Rock is one of the primary resources in Medieval Dynasty. With rocks, you can build many different buildings and craft essential items. In addition, to have wooden logs, other crucial resources in the game, rock is needed indirectly. Therefore, having a lot of rocks in Medieval Dynasty will make your progress in the game much more comfortable.

Medieval Dynasty Rocks Location | Where to Find Rocks

Let’s see where to find rocks in Medieval Dynasty.

Where To Find Rocks In Medieval Dynasty

Although rocks are the essential resources in the game, they are not as easy to obtain as wooden logs or sticks. Therefore, you may need to go around a little bit. Forests are one of the places where the rocks are most common. While walking through the forests, you can come across rocks on the ground.

In addition, there are many rocks at the edges of the paths in the game. You can find rocks on the ground while walking on these paths.

After making some progress in the game and crafting one pickaxe, you can go to a cave and get rocks by digging rock deposits there.

Consequently, rock is one of the essential resources in the game. You can craft the stone axes you need for cutting trees or the knife you need to get meat from wild animals through rocks. The places where you will find rocks are forests, pathways, and caves. You can easily collect the rocks in the forests and pathways at the beginning of the game. After advancing in the game, you can go to the cave and get rock quickly by digging rock deposits.

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