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A shovel is one of the most needed items in Medieval Dynasty. With the shovel, you can get clay by digging clay deposits. On the other hand, you have to make particular progress in the game and make technological progress to get a shovel. After you have the necessary technology, you can craft a shovel.

Medieval Dynasty: How To Get Shovel

Let’s see how to get a shovel in Medieval Dynasty.

How To Get Shovel In Medieval Dynasty

To get a shovel, you first need technological progress. After reaching the “Resource Storage I” technology in the technology tab, you can get the shovel scheme. It is not possible to craft a shovel without the shovel schema. You must also have 50 gold and 50 technology points in the “Building” to get this scheme.

Once you have the technology and scheme for a shovel, you need to build a workshop. After building the workshop, you can have the shovel by following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to “Workshop Workbench” and press “E”.

Step 2: Press “Wooden Tools”.

Step 3: Select “Shovel”.

It’s that easy. You now have a wooden shovel, and you can get clay by digging clay deposits with it. Although it may seem difficult to obtain a shovel at first glance, you can have enough technological development with a little effort.

As a tip, cutting trees and building buildings will give you the technological advance required for the shovel. Therefore, cutting down as many trees as possible will allow you to have a shovel faster.

In addition, there are varieties of shovels made from different metals and resources. A wooden shovel is the lowest type of shovel among them. On the other hand, the difference between an iron shovel and a wooden shovel is its durability. An iron shovel is more durable than a wooden shovel, and you can dig more clay deposits with an iron shovel.

Consequently, a shovel is one of the most basic needs in the Medieval Dynasty. Using the shovel, you can obtain various resources such as clay. Although you need some technological advances and workshops to craft a shovel, you can quickly achieve this progress by cutting trees. You can also craft iron shovels with iron resources after progressing further in Medieval Dynasty. Then, you can dig more clay deposits with your iron shovel.

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