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Sambor is one of the village inhabitants in the Medieval Dynasty. Village inhabitants have many different qualities in the game, such as sellers, farmers, etc. You can trade with these village inhabitants and help them. The most important feature that distinguishes Sambor from other inhabitants is his work.

Medieval Dynasty: Sambor | Where to Find

Let’s examine who is Sambor in Medieval Dynasty.

Who Is Sambor In Medieval Dynasty

Sambor is one of the inhabitant hunters in the Medieval Dynasty. Although he is a village inhabitant, he lives in the forest away from the villages. The forest is in is very dangerous because it contains many wild animals such as wolves and bears.

Location | Where To Find Sambor?

Sambor is also located in the north-east of Borowo village. You can go to Sambor and buy many different hunting items such as bow and arrow. With these hunting items, you can hunt wild animals in the forest and make new clothes for yourself from their fur.

Consequently, there are many faulty peasant inhabitants in the Medieval Dynasty, and they all have different tasks. Sambor is one of the inhabitants, and he lives in a forest full of wild animals. He also sells hunting items, and you can go near him and buy many different hunting items for yourself. As a tip, take a lot of spears, food, and water with you on your way to Sambor, which will ensure you get to Sambor safely.

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